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Originally Posted by sjxkhr View Post
Thank you for hosting!
I hope to make it to this gathering as Nico Robin (her casual outfit in Strong World).
ROBIN-CHWAN! Do hope to see ya at this gathering.

Originally Posted by LeanaMee101 View Post
I know my group will have Luffy, Nami, Robin, Sanji and Chopper (myself) running around in the Historical Arc outfits. Don't know for sure what day we are doing it though. o_o I think we are learning towards Friday (day 2)

But I, too, am shocked at how long it took for this thread to appear.
Yeah it's rather a trip...alot of the well known cosplay gatherings ain't been made. So as a fellow One Piece fan, I decided...well I saw all the episodes up to date and up to date on the manga so why the hell not XD

Originally Posted by krisokami View Post
Hey hey Kio ;w; its been a while huhuh. Dunno if ya still remember me.

oh, yeah so as for the gathering, I maybe come? But stay stay maybe half time of the gathering since I have another gathering to attend to later to that.

I'll be Ace (nope not genderbend just all male Ace) =3=; ... hopefully I can be able to make it to the gatherings. For now just place me a maybe.
I swear my dear you look f'in familiar...refresh thy memory for me ^ ^;
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