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Originally Posted by LeanaMee101 View Post
Well, things happen...but with One Piece being so popular no matter what, I was just like "When are they posting this? My friend wants to go..."

As for my group, don't know if we are attending gatherings or not. Our cosplay schedule is still up in the air.
Well i'll keep ya guys on the list regardless, who knows what will happen from here til July ^ ^

Originally Posted by krisokami View Post
@ Kiosuke_X: Thats ok xDD We shall meet someday once again hahaha. I was gone for 2 years from not being to any cons so ehh a lot of people or some of the people I met before forgot what I look like >w<;
2 years huh? Man that's quite a bit of gatherings n'such ya missed out. But regardless, we'll most likely kick it like I always do with my friends and have fun ^ ^
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