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Getting close. The new servers are tentatively scheduled for this coming weekend, and then I have to start preparing to convert all of the content over. That's the part I have no ETA on. I'm also using it as an opportunity to purge unused accounts out of the system, which will speed things up a bit on that front.

We need to move away from being a forum with a photo gallery (with costumes tacked onto it), and more toward the profiles, costumes and photoshoots being the foundation.

The site will start out simple in functionality (profiles, costumes, photos, albums) while I monitor the server resources, and then I'll start turning on more features (search, aggregated activity feeds, groups, etc). My main concern is that we'll likely get slammed with traffic in the first few days, and it's either build out 3x the infrastructure for that one week (a lot of extra $$) or let things cool off first.

There are also some very fundamental changes that I have to write up a bunch of info for. For example, you'll be able to change your username much like you can on Twitter, and your new profile will be at "username" instead of member/#. Old URL's will forward over so there's no need to change inbound links or anything. But a lot of older usernames use odd characters and may need to be changed by the user before the new URL works for them (the old URL will still work during that time). You also have a display name (again like Twitter) which will default to your username and is also changeable.

I'm open to whatever questions anyone has.
While a lot of the past changes mentioned sound great (more mods to help keep on top of things like the event calendar, return of journals, syncing convention specific forums with the event calendar - all of which you are still planning to do, yes?) the part I bolded above (non forum focused site) is what scares me. Is the forum part of the site being scrapped, or kept permanently read only, or something else entirely? One of the main reasons I still use this site over the influx of newer ones like Cosplay Amino, Cospix, and CureWorldCospaly is that the forum focus here makes it a great place to ask questions and advice on how to construct something. If the aim is to be a more profile and photo focused site, I'm kind of curious what the plan is to make this place stand out from the wide variety of other options.
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