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@claire1909: Ah, thank you very much! C: I may consider doing Tohru sometime, and will add her to the list. Any more suggestions for me would be much appreciated. :'D Lenalee also looks pretty awesome, although I may use a wig for cosplaying her as her hair is kinda blue/black.

----Yes, sorry. XD I did realize that I hadn't included much information at all, and it was extremely vague. My hair is a little past shoulder length (I've just had it cut, haha) but grows very quickly to the chest. It's a very dark brown in colour (used to be naturally black, got bleached out).

@BloodSword: Thank you very much also. Kikyo looks like an interesting character, will add her also. (not really into crossplay, but will keep Bankotsu on hand also) x) Haven't watched/read much Inuyasha, maybe I should. C: Thanks again.

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