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Hmm...I got kinda confused here! xD First you say you do it if you had a better face and then you say somebody thinks you appear feminime,do you mean you look like a girl or a boy now? xD
@BloodSword): haha, sorry for confusing you. XD I meant like 'appearing' feminine on the internet. C: if you get what I mean. Like in the way I type or speak, not the way I look. x)

@EgnirysFaye: well seeing as you're all taking the time to help me out, it'd be rude not to respond. o_O do people actually not do that? |D
and thanks for the good luck, i'm going to take all suggestions into account, as i've had a really great reponse from you guys. C:

@Eurobeat King: nope, I don't think they have! c: thanks very much, I'll add it to my list. x) <3
"First I whip it out, then I thrust it, with great force. Every angle, it penetrates. Until, with great strength, I ram it in. In the end, we're all satisfied.." ~Dante
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