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Originally Posted by nikkiolie View Post
WOO go SnK cosplays! I too am also working on Mikasa. I have a goal. I have been lifting a lot and by the time Kumoricon over Labor Day rolls around I want to be able to bench press 145 lbs (at 110 right now) which is, conveniently, the weight of my Eren. I SMELL PHOTO OP! I would love to be able to pick him up and carry him on my back. I am pretty sure I can already carry him on my back....I should check the next time I see him XD

Other than that I am also remaking my Albel costume from Star Ocean 3 so I got the flat stomach after years and years of trying and to just cut down on my body fat to show by abs more 8D

Hell yeah SnK cosplays! I know it's risky if it's only my 2nd cosplay to be doing such a complicated costume but WHO CARES IT'S FUN!
I used to carry my sibling A LOT on my back, unfortunately that's been a few years but I reckon I could still do it lol. But yeah I don't think I could ever do Mikasa justice if I never tried to get those abs... or at least cut down some body fat to show them lol. I was busy preparing for a convention a while back and stopped working out so I think my muscles became fat and my fat multiplied... hahaha...

OH yeah, and are you making the 3DMG and harnesses yourself?? Those look pretty damn neat but hard to make. I saw Reika's blog and the process still looks so hard lol...
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