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Name of Commissioner: CosplaySky
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: I ordered a Sailor Pluto costume.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I will take photos as soon as I can.
Timeline: Roughly 2 weeks
Describe your Experience.

The price is very reasonable in comparison to many of the other stores I looked at, the fabrics that they use are of a quality that is much higher than I expected and the actual craftsmanship of the outfit itself is fairly decent. They also have pretty decent shipping and gave me a tracking number shortly after my order was processed so I could track my shipment.


They COMPLETELY disregarded the specific measurement requests I sent with my order. I asked for a skirt that was 14 inches long (meaning that it would go above my knee) and they made it much, much longer! I have no idea what to do either because I have no sewing machine and no knowledge of how to take in hems so it has become a sort of nightmare of an issue. Other than that the waist area of the costume is too wide and the gloves they sent me were insanely short (the entire glove barely goes to my elbows when it should be much longer).

Comments: Overall I was slightly disappointed in the product I received in comparison to the photo shown on their website. Yes they used very high quality fabrics and I did get the order within a reasonable length of time but their disregard of my measurement requests has completely turned me off. I may reorder from them again some day but I will probably be very specific with my measurements and with contacting them.

Final Grade: B-

(*Edit: Changed my grade. After Re-examining the costume carefully and finding a person locally who will help me solve the skirt length issue I'm much happier with my product.)

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