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Originally Posted by MorbidMortician View Post
I think the Noble outfit would be super expensive...cause theres all that fine detail...
you went to Japan?! lucky!!! what's it like?! i wanna go so badly...
i reckon aye, Japan have the best cons, especially when it's cosplay :P

ooh...i love the Silly God Disco ver...that would be a really cool one to gotta do it someday!
Haha yeah it would probably be a lilttle cheaper than his Holy Grail one lolz They are both sooooooo detailed!
Yush I did^ ^ i loved it, it was awesome
Oh yeah I recon so.

Yeah. Haha maybe I will^ ^ And you could do like Reita, or Aoi. Then we could meet up at a con. And strut ou awesome cosplays! haha
Planned cosplays

Ion Fortuna ~ Trinity blood
Teru ~ Versailles -Masquerade version-
Uruha ~Silly God Disco Ver~


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