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Originally Posted by Honey Usagi-chi View Post
I don't think it's necessary to go so far as to rig up a cooling unit. My suggestion would be to get a 1/2 spandex & 1/2 cotton bodysuit, then get lots of polyfil (Pillow & plush toy stuffing) and to keep it formed for the stomach/leg muscles sew it into some cheap muslin, or else you'll look reaaaaalllllyy lumpy O_o. If you had to you could wear a dual layered body suit too.....x3 but it'd take forever for me to get into detail about that.
Oh, I was talking about if they wanted to have the skin be leather. Then it might be pretty necessary. Going by way of making the mascot suit and lining it with leather would be the coolest looking, in my opinion though. It's the coolest looking for natural skin texture and feel. ^_^

But actually they might want a cooling unit with your plan too. Nytengale pretty much did exactly what you suggested for her Phantom Ganon to bulk up a bit, and she said she was burning up on a 65 degree day. All depends on the person though I suppose. ^_^

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