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Honey Usagi-chi
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@honey usagi-chi: that's where the magic of stencils come in. I ended up cutting eight of the same designs out of freezer paper and painting the designs on. And I find it really funny that Midna's designs scares the bejesus out of me, and vice versa XD Now to go attack another piece of freezer paper with a pair of scissors >_>

Imbeorodwen: Thanks!
Haha! Stencils are GOD! You can get stencil kits for cheap at Walmart too! *runs away to the Walmart* Midna's designs are really curvy and free, which is another drawing aspect to her. 'Course I'm talking bout her imp form, I ain' quite ready to tackle the spoiler form (And I'd be roasted on a spit in my front yard by my friend if I dare think of spoiling it to her *cowers*) The hard part would be the straight lines of the greenish neon~ness but that can be tackled >=3

Can't wait to see your Zelda finished!
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