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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
do you know her boyfriend is an asshole personally, or does she just say he is? if she is younger thats normal, but most people will only see listen to the girls side of the story. if the guys side of the story proves he is an asshole then she should dump him or at least find a way to work out thier problems.
Okay, get ready for a small, summarized rant. Dx

They are college students. :/ SOME 18 year olds! (well, now they are twenty). Oh, I know he does treat her horribly. BUT for some reason, my friend (let's just call her L for now) loves him to death. He's a complete asshole to her though. Every time I'm over she's on the phone with him and they are always arguing, usually about nothing. And most of the time, she ends up crying VERY late into the night, well almost morning like five or six in the morning. But that's not what makes him such a asshole, at least not really completely. He has been cheating on her with his ex for two years while being in the relationship with L. TWO years. The first time she found out was probably a half a year into their relationship. L forgives him and then only a half a year later, she is harassed by his ex so L would break up with him. AND the boyfriend didn't do anything about the harassment and also claimed he doesn't go see her or anything since the last encounter. The times when he refuses to hang with L, the ex FB messages her and texts her that he is at home, with her. Truth is, among his friends, they know he had been sleeping with both girls and whenever he is not with L, he is with his ex.

ANYWAYS, long story short, L forgave him like five times for all of his mistakes (they even got his family involved because both girls were in love with him) and is still with him. :/ She lost many friends who tried to help her get out of this relationship because he wasn't worth going through the pain and keeping. They all were tired of seeing her cry all the time and not listening to any of their advice.

I don't know. It's hard for a guy to justify himself if he slept with the two same girls for two years straight. NOW he isn't anymore. OR at least that's what he has been saying and L is believing. Rather or not that is true, doesn't hide the fact that he should not be making her cry and intensely arguing with her just because he's 'tired' from school and work. :/ Seriously, who does that?!
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