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Originally Posted by Xanarcah View Post
So, I decided to go and add Asuna to my cosplay roster for Sakura-Con. Because I have no willpower and make a lot of rash decisions in the name of cosplay things that sound like fun.

A question for other Asuna cosplayers: How do you keep your socks from falling down? Especially the curved bit that's higher than the rest?

I ordered mine and they are hilarious. They came with elastic bands that go around your thigh to keep the curved top part up. Clearly I'm removing it, but I tried them on and they didn't work anyway. The socks end up around my calves whenever I move.
I remember seeing something about thigh high glue somewhere, but then I lost the link after I reformatted my computer >: I shoulda been done wit Asuna by now but I'm running a little late due to the issue of very specifically colored binding tape X-x
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