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If that is the primary goal I find with some people it usually backfires.

Funny story. One guy I knew who doesn't cosplay or even go to conventions was interested in going with me one year. I asked him what he planned on doing and he said something along the lines of "I am gonna go meet some women". I didn't think anything of it and wasn't really concerned since I am usually doing my own thing. Saturday night at the con he tells me he had been going up to different female cosplayers asking for their phone number, if they want to get a drink at the hotel bar, and giving compliments like "You lookin pretty sexy in that costume". Then he tells me that he had an exact number of girls who rejected him which was over 100 and then followed up by saying "they all had boyfriends, even the fat ones".

I also overheard one girl actually did give him her phone number. However when he called it later it ended up being for some rejection hotline.
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