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Originally Posted by Ion View Post
For red lenses: You might like Red Wolf lenses, Geo SF-20's, or the Volturi lens which have a small pupil hole. There are quite a few circle lens offerings but the pupil hole tends to be pretty big for those because they are designed to work for dark eyes and make the pupils look larger. For your reference, here is my review of the Red Wolf lenses.

For other colors: The DollyEye series has small pupil holes, another review for your reference. That said, overall you will do better with theatrical-type lenses which are made to cover any eye color, whether light or dark, and tend to have smaller pupil holes. Places like Coastal Contact, Eyesbright, and Youknowit are good places to start. Hope this helps.
Oh wow! Those Red Wolf lenses are beautiful~.
I think I'm sold ♥.

But I find it strange that the non-brand theatrical lenses are more expensive than the circle lenses. A local store a few minutes from my house where I usually buy my contacts sells fx lenses (they are out of red though, except for the sharingans), and they sell them for $17.99. I'm honestly surprised by the price jump online.
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