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Originally Posted by Akune-chan View Post
Hello guys! I am back!

This time I would like to take advantage of the sale that is having so I was wondering if someone could help me~!

I am trying to cosplay the character Claude Faustus from Kuroshitsuji, however I am not sure of the lenses to get for him.
I was thinking about the Twilight Brown lens but his eyes are more of a caramel color;

Any help? Thank you!
I think the Twilight Brown lenses would work fine. They are not as yellowy as other lenses, same deal with Dolly Eye Brown lenses. They are more "golden" in color.


@ Everyone:

Also, I just came across this website with photos and reviews of various colored contact lenses for LIGHT EYES. I know there tends to be a greater focus on what lenses look like or how well, if at all, they show for people with dark eyes but I think we can agree everyone likes to get an idea of how products work before buying. I'll be adding the link to the first post for future reference as well.
LINK OUT + StealthStore

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