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Originally Posted by pinapplegum View Post
So I'm going to cosplay Adiane the Elegant from Gurren Lagann. Where can I find red perscription lenses (preferably circle lenses) with a very vibrant color and a cat-eye effect?
I have red contacts now, but they only look pink and don't show up very brightly.
I want the vibrancy to look like this:
Perhaps with a dark circle around the edge.
These lenses are most often unpowered and considered a novelty item because they are not really in demand until around Halloween. The only cat-eye lenses that I know of in prescription are THESE from Coastal Contacts which go from 0.00 to -7.00. Unfortunately, they are not weighted [prism balanced] and will spin for anyone but even more for people with the slightest astigmatism.

To get truly prism-balanced lenses that will not spin, you would have to get custom lenses from a place like 9mmsfx. Each lens is $145 but they make them to any specs you need. They have 0.00 to -9.00 or up to +3.25 available but if you need something other than that, just email them.

Personally I like the look of the 9mm lenses more than the Coastal lenses because you do get a nice limbal ring as opposed to a plain red lens with the cat-eye pupil, but the price may be a bit out of reach. I suppose it also depends on how often you would wear said lenses [re: is it often enough to make this purchase worth it? With good care, they can last 3 years] and whether you really care about the convenience of knowing your lenses have not rotated sideways at all. I will say, anyone who has purchased from 9mm has been very happy with the service and their lenses, so there you have it.

The other option would be to just go for red circle lenses without the slit pupil. There are a number of good circle lenses that are vibrant and available in prescription.
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