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Originally Posted by firecloak View Post
Do you do photoshoots for the same cosplay?

For example, if you photographed a Ciel and Sebastian (Black Butler) before, would you photograph these characters again if a different cosplayer asked you to? Would you only do this if it's a special circumstance (close friend, etc)?

When I did this, I realized I didn't have as many ideas the second time around, and I wasn't as excited about taking the photos.
I don't see any harm in it! A good cosplay is a good cosplay, and there's going to be more than one person who does a character well, especially when you go to cons.

As for the ideas, I have my own method. I usually do my own photoshoots, and since I always need help posing, I look up tooons of references of different poses and scenarios. Either done by other cosplayers and photographers, or screenshots, fanart, and cover-art from whatever series it is. I usually take anywhere from 20-50 of these reference photos with me on my phone's SD card (and swap them out accordingly to save space XD), so I can just whip my phone out and go through the photos and experiment with the different poses, angles, and scenarios. I usually never cover each and every idea, so there's always inspiration left for future shoots.

Plus, different cosplayers tend to represent the character in different ways. They all have their own unique take on the cosplay, even if you can't notice it when you're around them, you can definitely tell when you look at your photos.
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