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I am currently working on a 101st Division Easy company reenacting kit. I have a lot of stuff to buy, and a long way to go. But so far, a M1 Helmet, and an airsoft 1911.

Also just a general note for everyone here, keep three things in mind.

A: You are going to be wearing/acting in the same garb that many people fight in and died in. Just keep that in mind, and play/show the part with respect (for whoever you reenact as).

B: Be careful what medals and stuff you wear. There are some medals (at least in the US) that are illegal for non recipients to own/wear.

I realize this is a WW2 related thread, but just keep this in mind.

C: Don't take credit for any military action unless you are an actual vet. I have met people who "reenacted" in modern US military gear, and claimed to be vets. Even though they weren't. Its a stupid thing to do, a dishonorable thing to do, possibly illegal, and it might get your ass beat.
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