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Originally Posted by NeonBunnyGirl View Post
D: My husband and I might have to bring Dr Zed and Moxxi again this year, It would be awesome to get some good group photos taken.
Totally! I was hoping to run into you guys again this year as Jack also since you guys completely kill it as Zed and Moxxi!! I'm hoping the Borderlands turn out this year is big since part 2 came out late last year!

I can't wait!!!
So Han’s walking down the halls of Bespin with his old friend Lando. Leia’s there, and lookin’ good. Han thinks he’s off to dinner - maybe some wine, a little flirting, and then back to the ol’ guest quarters with Her Hotness. But the door opens, and there’s Vader. ...Han doesn’t look at Lando; he doesn’t duck or run. What does Han do?

He starts shooting at the bastard.

He starts shooting.

Be like Han.
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