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Just finished "The Little Stranger" by Sarah Waters. Creepy sad gothic-type romance with paranormal elements in a post-WWII setting. Her '40s stories are really bleak and depressing. I think I'll try to get hold of one of her Victorian lesbian romances next.

Going go try again to tackle Koike & Kojima's "Lone Wolf and Cub". The first time I tried reading one of these I thought I was having trouble following the plot. But the plots aren't that complicated, at least no more so than your average political-intrigue-and-assassination stories. It's not even that in some word balloons half the words are transliterated but not translated from Japanese. It's the teeny tiny pages, and resulting teeny tiny print, thank you very much Dark Horse. Were they printed this small in Japanese originally? I sort of doubt it. But I find myself holding the book really close to my face and squinting, especially when I try to read before bed.
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