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Unhappy Seller Paypal Fee

I think this has already been discussed but I wanted to share my story.

I have a paypal but its for receiving payments on things I sell I don't use it to pay for things I use my debit card and when I buy something from someone who's payment method is using paypal I click the option that i don't have a paypal and I pay that way. I've never gotten charged for a fee yet since I always put the exact amount of what im buying in my card. Ive recently had someone tell me I didn't pay them fully only to find out it was the fee that wasn't paid and they were mad I didn't pay it. A paypal Rep told me I was not to do so..its the seller who has to. The seller sent me a email telling me since i wanted to buy the item i should pay it..but they put it up to be sold so they should be at fault right? I ended up just getting my money back. Anyone else had this problem?

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