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Originally Posted by Mujitsu View Post
hey i'm still in beijing, gonna be here for awhile.. youya you live right where i used to (i used to live at xi ba he) now i'm at dongzhimen nei, maybe we can get together, and if there isn't a con at least have a little cosplay group going... woot woot

that is an invite for anyone who is interested in doing a cosplay group ^_^

i'm thinking ...

ff (pretty much any of em)
death note
sailor moon (old but good)
angel sanctuary
magna carta
gothic lolita
jrock bands
fairy tales
anything original design

man i can go on forever
sorry, I'm late to see this T_T sorry....
you said you used to live xi ba he??!!!!!! oh,,,I still live there, now...^^; cosplay group~ that's good idea ^^
hum~~I like j-rock, creazy for sailormoon, and I want cosplay with gothic lolita ^^ ff not bad ^^ haha~~ mabey we can get together

and here is my web, you could see it
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