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That is quite a bit... I myself am not sure if I'm going - but I live in Phoenix. I have different issues - takes too long to fly, but I've never driven interstate.

Some things I can help you with... you can call a shuttle system to help you get from the airport to your hotel, and back. You should be able to find shuttle info on the airport website. I almost forgot that important detail in our trip last year. o.o;; It does cost about $15-$20 each way though... also... how close will your hotel be to the convention site? Ours was about two miles, so it wasn't too bad. But remember, it may be quite congested in that area since it's so close to Disneyland - but you may also have access to trolleys and busses and such.

Edit: Oh yeah, and about flying - don't worry. Turbulence is normal, and you're always with trained attendants. You can either choose to book a window seat - so you can watch what's going on below if that comforts you, OR so you can have something to lean against when you sleep - or book an aisle seat - easy access to the bathroom. Try not to get middle seats, they suck. ^-^;; Also, pack wisely - remember, with heightened security, one wrong move gets you in trouble. Leave all questionables at home,a nd arrive at the airport about an hour and a half to two hours early for leeway of any unexpected events. Also, brings lots of stuff to keep you buys - unless, again, you decide to sleep. :P

Also, call Celine!!!! :P

Hope that helps. ^-^

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