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Originally posted by Hakaider
Turbulence are like potholes in a road when you are driving. You'll run into them occasionaly when you drive at certain areas, but the rest of the course, it is usually pretty smooth.
Wow. That's a perfect analogy. The rest of your post was so well-written, too! ^^

Originally posted by Hakaider
Chewing gum or beef jerky can greatly relieve the pain in one's ears and helps to pop your ears. I found that when I would chew gum when the plane descends, I don't feel any real pain or pressure on the ears.
That happens when the plane ascends, as well. S'best to start chewing as the plane starts to move on the ground.. Chewing/swallowing keeps your mind off your ears popping. Just don't do it like, crazily out of nervousness. o_O; I used to really hate flying, and when I first was doing it my ears wouldn't pop for a while and I hated it. @_@; Found out that taking some Dimetapp before the flight worked pretty well... Mreh I'm going off on a tangent. *falls over* Sorry for rambling~! *runs off*
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