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seeking for any cosplayers who is interested in dancing and singing!!!!

Hello UK cosplayers, I am a cosplayer Miki and planning to create a Dance and Singing group called "NoName" with my friend at the end of 2014, hoping to perform from 2015.

We kindly seek for any cosplayers who are interested in either dancing or singing, disregarding age and gender.

You do not have to be good as we will practice together.

The three groups we have in mind are:

Cosplay: Anime OST, Nico, Vocaloid

KPOP Girls: SNSD, Secret, f(x), 2NE1, 4minute, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, Sistar,etc.

KPOP Boys: Infinite, SHINee, Boyfriend, U-KISS, Beast, Teen Top, B1A4, etc.

JPOP Girls: AKB48, C-ute, Berryz Kobo, Smileage, Morning Musume, Perfume, Momoiro, etc.

JPOP Boys: Hey! Say! JUMP, News, Arashi, Kat-Tun, Sexy Zone, etc.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

We are looking for members who will join us as makeup artists and photographers.

Once the groups are fully formed, we will begin to practice and perform in various events along with fun games, dance covers, and photo shoot activities included.

We are also planning to open our self events like, mini shows, Rock Paper Scissor (ones like AKB48), and a lot more.

If you would like to join, feel free to message us on with the details below

We look forward to meeting you

Application form

Name (It would be a nickname, write what you prefer us to call you):

What would you like to apply as? (Cosplay/KPOP/JPOP/Makeup artist/Photographer):

Location (Where you live):

We need the following details for us to decide on groups.


Gender: Female/Male
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