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that's what she said
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Originally Posted by Asuka BMz View Post
If you want a good costume and to not get scammed, I'd suggest doing your research and not complaining about reading. That's exactly the point of this thread.
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back after a hiatus~
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Name of Commissioner: Zippy

Character commissioned and series/video game: I commissioned Witch Hunter Robin's pendant

These are the pictures she gave me (I hope to be taking more soon though):

Timeline (how long your order took to process): about two months, from very beginning to end

Pros: Wonderful to talk to. Very reasonably priced, and great about communication. I was very impressed with her work before and still am =D

Cons: none that I can think of

Final Grade:A+!!! I was able to talk with her, got my pendant on time, and was extremely happy with the result, even though she wasn't sure if she could do it =D I would also recommend her for props such as Keyblades x3
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It was fun, wasn't it?
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To ChibiYuffie, check the front page ^.~ Just click on the ones you want to know about.

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Updated ^^
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Unread 10-30-2007, 03:47 PM   #425
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Rui (cosplay.com)

Fuu (Kimono, obi, bow, yukata) and Jin (hakama, kimono top, belt) from Samurai Champloo
September 07 - October 07

Pros: Great Commissioner! Her prices were more than reasonable (both costumes for $100 + shipping) and she used excellent fabric. The construction is godly! She serger stitched the hems and everything was finnished perfectly. The fit was just right, I asked for some special construction (having the obi be velcro, etc) and she made everything exactly how I asked. Her communication was the best, she always kept me updated and provided progress pictures of both costumes. She even finnished and shipped the costumes one month before the time I asked for! This was my first time having something commissioned and she was very nice and helpful in the process.

Cons: Umm...I can't really think of anything. The only thing I would change would to make the flowers on Fuu's kimono a little bigger, but it really doesn't matter. Basically everything is great!

I highly recommend her to anyone especially if you are looking for a kimono.

Final grade: A+

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Unread 10-30-2007, 05:59 PM   #426
Claire Farron
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Name of Commissioner: elanems

Website/C.com gallery: http://forums.cosplay.com/member/58543

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Dion Rinoa Full Costume

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Will be posted this weeked

Timeline: 2 weeks

Comments: Although this started off as me just buying the incomplete outfit that she was selling, it turned out to be a wonderful commission. Infact, so wonderful, there is talk of another commission right now. I recomend her first to anyone.

Pros: O_O I have never seens such amazing work. *faints* This outfit is beyond god level. In short you can find nothing wrong with this outfit. Nothing, Nodda, ZIP! For once I have finally recieved an outfit! Not only was the outfit amazing, but she was awsome to talk too *^^ She's so sweet*, and was always in touch. What I like besides the fact that she kept in touch, was also that she asked questions! That really reasured me because I knew she cared about what my thoughts on it were, and that she wanted to get it right.

Cons: There could never be any

Final Grade: A+
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Oh I see, sorry >_< I didn't mean to offend anyone. thanks for everyones' help ^^
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I was also wondering about "rikutan" about a wig commission. I looked over the list of commissioners but it didnt see "rikutan" there... if any one has any experience's with this user please reply. I just am doing a little research.
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Updated! :>
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Anyone want to help me with making a Rurouni Kenshin complete costume? it's simple to make but i'll be traveling and once i return i expect to have someone finish it and in time for a function... pls give me time and price...if all work out I'll give you other info of me to start project...

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PM'ed you, MikeMaster.
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Kanira I think you need to put in big bold letters at the top of this thread that people are not ask and or quote commissions on this thread because it is not the purpose for it, it seems to be getting side tracked. I like reading all the reviews but they seem to be getting lost in a see of ask and tell.
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It's pretty tempting, I admit, Yunalicia :> I really don't want to discourage conversation, since it can be quite useful for answering questions others might have intended to ask in the future, but this entire "lawlz i make gud cosplayz hire meeee" and "i dont wanna reserch so sum1 do this fer me k" thing is certainly unneccessary...will make a note of it Thanks for the recommendation!
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absolutely! umm..what?
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Name of Commissioner: uchiha

Character commissioned and series/video game: I commissioned a black robe for an Aku cosplay (Samurai Jack)Supplied about 3-4 reference pictures, plus gave measurements she requested.
Timeline: Still in progress, despite initiating this commission over a year ago and giving her the commission fee she requested.
Pros: Wonderful to talk to via IM despite the lack of productivity on the commission.
Cons: No finished product.
Final Grade: F. Despite being patient for over a year, I've run out of it. Sorry.

Name of Commissioner: kalajessta

Character commissioned and series/video game: I commissioned a Dorothy plushie for an Alan Gabriel cosplay (Big O)Supplied about 3-4 reference pictures, plus gave measurements she requested.
Timeline: Still in progress, despite initiating this commission over 6 months ago and giving her the commission fee she requested.
Pros: Wonderful to talk to via IM despite the lack of productivity on the commission.
Cons: Finished product, but quality (and accuracy) was lacking
Final Grade: C.

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Updated <3
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