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Name of Merchant: QQcosplay
Website: www.qqcosplay.com
Item purchased: Riza Hawkeye Miniskirt Deluxe costume w/ wig
Links to picture(s) of your received item: [1][2][3]

Timeline: about 2 - 3 weeks
Describe your Experience
Pros: Very fast communication, everything is beautifully made and it fits well.
Cons: The wig, which was suppose to be styled to Riza's hair, was just a straight blonde wig (didn't care too much because Riza's hair is easy to style). Also, fabric seemed a little cheap.
Final Grade: A-
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Name of Commissioner: DizzyLizzy

C.com gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/member/838/

Character commissioned: Juri Arisugawa of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Xemnas of Kingdom Hearts II

Links to picture(s):
Juri (the orange one of the two):

Xemnas (the grey):

Timeline: The double commission was kind of accidental. I sent the request and payment for Juri in early January, then about 20 days later added Xemnas on top of the order. They arrived together in early July.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: As far as the overall customer/seller experience, she has perfection down to a science. There were constant updates--I never didn't know what was going on. She always consulted me before making a aesthetic changes to make sure I got the look I wanted, regardless of what she actually thought might be better in some cases She has a magic way of truly involving the customer. When you receive your pristine wig in the mail, you already know it in and out--you've been with it since it was a little base wig, know what went into molding it and how to handle it. It's the color you wanted with the little details and requests you'd hoped for, because she made double sure you were getting exactly what you invested in.
Considering the products themselves, I don't think I could be happier. She handled Juri in a rather unconventional way--I've never seen another cosplayer with this manner of solution to her style, and I adore it. Similarly, I have never seen a better wig. It actually belongs to my brother, the cosplayer, and I am hopelessly envious that he has the best Xemnas wig I have ever seen.
Cons: The only curiosity I had was actually with the Xemnas wig. In the first two shots you view it from the right side, and it looks stunning. In the frontal shots, however, you can see that the left is...quite different. The two front spikes overlap each other, completely blocking his left eye and meshing together almost as one in every picture from the front. They are styled in the same way as the right side, but the backmost side just won't behave. If I'd had more time I would've tried maybe a combination of water and spray to try and tame it into place--I'm pretty sure it was just an effect of the summer heat and shipping. A risk I chose to take by having it sent in July, so not something I'd hold her accountable for.

Comments: If you're looking for the single greatest customer/commissioner experience you will ever receive, go no further. She not only wants to help you get a great, accurate and stunning look, but wants to be your friend Normally this level of interaction is discouraged in business situations--or wherever an exchange of money occurs--but there was never a question here of regretting such. She is extremely accommodating and friendly, while simultaneously professional--no awkwardness if you make a mention of something you'd like to do differently than she intended, and that sort of comfort really is rare in a commissioning experience.

Final Grade: A+, a million times, A+. If you've got an intimidating wig project you're worried about trusting to someone else and yet can't manage yourself, this is who you have got to go to.

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Updated with a pair of reviews I explicitly remember adding; very weird. If everyone would like to give a quick check to the list to make sure your addition is actually listed when such is stated, it would be appreciated Fewer mistakes the better.
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TR Rose
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Name of Merchant: Amphigory
Website: amphigory.com
Item purchased (please include quantity): wig (Jenny in 1B), extensions in 1B
Links to picture(s) of your received item: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1674136/ (after styling)
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 weeks
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
I ordered the Kathryn wig in 1B on July 21. The next day, I received an email that both the Kathryn and the Carol (similar style, but slightly different bangs) were out of stock in the 1 and 1B colors. I asked for recommendations on a similar style for a long, black wig with bangs and the associate suggested the Jenny wig instead (but did advise me that the ends were curled). I asked them to change my order, and they happily did so. I didn't have to fill anything else out to change the order, which was really nice.

I needed the wig by August 8 (giving me some time to work on it before AFest) and it was shipped to me on August 4. Nice prompt delivery.

The customer service was excellent - as soon as I placed my order and there was a problem, Amphigory contacted me to fix it. They suggested a replacement and were knowledgeable about their wig selection. I received shipping information as soon as the wig was mailed out so I knew exactly when to expect delivery.

I will definitely order from Amphigory again.

Final Grade: A+
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Black Cerenity
(Cage) Kyo - Dir en Grey (blouse, pants, jacket, skirt, tie)
2 months
I turned to this company initially because they were cheap. The commission time was the normal two months. This costume has a good construction but it's not entirely accurate, sized correctly, or what I was expecting. She used a much shinier fabric than the pictures showed, too. Nothing fit right in this costume: the sleeves were nearly 5 inches too long on the shirt and the shirt was too long and big for me, the jacket did not hug my body in any way (though the sleeves of the jacket were just fine!), the skirt sat way to low on my hips, and the pants have this magical ability of erasing my butt they were so tight. The collar was overszied and so the clip on tie wouldn't stay on. She had all of my measurements, there was no excuse for that. Two of my buttons fell off after wearing the costume less than a few hours. My costume also smelled horrible when it came out of the box, as if it has been worn to a con already and not washed.
Final Grade: C-


Black Cerenity
(Macabre) Shinya - Dir en Grey (top, cuffs, choker, skirt, shoes)
2.5 months
Being the gullible idiot I am, I decided to give this company another chance. There were no photos of this costume yet so I believe mine is the one currently shown on the web page. This costume just barely fit. The sleeves were much too short and the cuffs were oversized. The skirt fit on my waist but was EXTREMELY high on my waist. The top was stretchy and so though it was too small, it fit me..after severe binding. I've since lost weight and so the costume fits better but..still, another unexcusable missizing. I also had even more issues with the accuracy. I talked with the woman in advance to discuss how this costume would be made since I was considered about accuracy. She reassured me I'd get all the details I was asking for...I got none of them. The collar was a studded choker, for example. The sleeves were not a black spiderweb mesh but this hideous, shiney spiderweb print. The buckles were completely off and when tightened were off center. All the black straps on the top had been ignored (just look at the photos yourself!). I was so disappointed I ended up ripping the entire thing apart and reputting it back together in a more accurate fashion. Also, when the package was left on my doorstep, I had no idea it was my costume. To this day I have no idea how everything was crammed into such a small box with so little care. My costume also seemed to have an odd smell to it when it arrived..it smelled like sweat before I ever wore it. I don't think it was washed before being sent out! Just like my last costume.
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Updated ^^
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Hi gaiz!
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Name of Merchant: Cosplaywig

Website: http://stores.ebay.com/COSPLAY-WIG

Item purchased: Yoko Ritona/Gurren Lagann short base wig and ponytail clip in extension.

Links to picture(s) of your received item: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1689130/

Timeline: Payment was sent via Paypal on August 15, wig was delivered on August 22.(I paid for EMS shipping, which was an additional $20)
Describe your Experience: Overall very good. I noticed on every auction as well as their store page, Cosplaywig clearly states that due to high volume they cannot answer any questions regarding the wigs, so most of their negative feedback is due to buyers not reading this and getting upset about lack of contact, which is why I wasn't too wary of ordering from them.

I paid for the faster EMS shipping, due to waiting too long to purchase (I'm a procrastinator), and the wig got to me in plenty of time. Judging by the postmark date on the envelope, they must have sent it about 2 days after payment, which was the first business day since payment, so super fast. The wig is very nice too, great color, very nice soft fiber, wig is decently thick and the ponytail clip in is also very nice.

Pros: Fast shipping, nice wigs, decent prices on actual wigs.

Cons: Expensive shipping.

Final Grade: A

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What have you done?
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Name of Commissioner: CosplayOne

Website: www.cosplay1.com

Character commissioned: Adiane the Elegant from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Links to picture(s):

Timeline: I made the order in March and received the costume at the end of May.

Describe your Experience.

Pros: They were fast! They gave me well enough time to fully complete the outfit by Otakon. Also, they were wonderful with their communication. They responded to my emails quickly and almost all my questions were answered. There were two times where I did ask them a question and it was ignored, but they were nothing big, so it didn't bother me. Another plus was their embroidery... AMAZING!! Simply amazing!!! All the designs, from the yellow butterflies to the eyepatch, were embroidered.

Cons: Despite all the measurements I gave them, the outfit was still a bit too small. But only by a bit... it still fit me which was all that mattered. Also, the kimono sleeves were very short compared to the actual character's (whose sleeves are supposed to almost reach the ground). Finally... and unfortunately... the fake tattoos were not designed correctly. BUT that was more my fault as I couldn't find enough reference pictures for them at the time. I ended up making new, more accurate ones, but did feel bad by doing so. Especially since the fake tattoos they made were also very amazingly embroidered. I'm sorry! T_T

Comments: Again, very fast, very nice, and--if you are looking for great embroidery work--very skilled! I definitely will be keeping them in mind for any future costumes.

Final Grade: A-
See Ya Next Year!

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Name of Commissioner: Chisai/Cat Szeto

Website/C.com gallery: http://www.freewebs.com/chisaiwigs

Character commissioned and series/video game: Sasuke (Naruto)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...uke_right2.jpg


Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Deadline was August 30th. I got the contract out abit late, but overall everything was set. I got the Wig basically the day after she mailed it. Very fast shipping! So it was a very short process, quick and painless.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
No cons! only pros! she's a very GOOD commissioner. Theres no doubt about that. The communication was fantastic! Everytime there was an update, or a slight change she Emailed, or AIM'd me. When she started on the wig, she sent me before, During, (Changes that I wanted) and after. I was amazed by that. The wig is REALLY good, and exactly how I wanted it. I wanted an extremely spikey, almost unrealistically styled wig, and she nailed it PERFECTLY! I've never been more satisfied with a commissioner and a wig! The price was great, as well! I had no complaints here. She used a really highqaulity wig. It fit my head perfectly. I highly recommened her to ANYONE who needs a wig commission, The price was great, Awesome Communication, and superb everything! Thanks a bunch!

Final Grade: I don't think any number, or letter can describe it. So I'd say a A+ 10(40) That's 10 to the 40th power.

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Angry Cosworx Review

Merchant: Cosworx
Item Ordered: Mac wig in color #8
Grade: D

I ordered this wig a month before the convention I needed it for. I heard nothing back for 3 weeks, and just when I was about to email them, I get an email that says they just happened to notice my order was still open and when they contacted the warehouse, they were out of stock of that wig in that color. Apparently, no one was going to contact me about this; they were just not going to send me anything! This is one week before the convention I need this wig for. I had to go directly to the owner, who got things straightened out and was able to find a similar wig in the right color for me, but I'd already found a suitable replacement at a local store that was closer to what I needed than what they were offering.

I was very, very put off by the fact that they seemed to have better things to do that pay attention to their orders. I realize things slip through the cracks sometime, but my entire costume would have been ruined if I didn't have the wig. I would recommend this seller, but only if you order WAY in advance. Make sure you leave time for them to lose your order, find it again, and ship it at their leisure.
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Name of Commissioner: Cosplay1.com

Website: http://www.cosplay1.com/

Character commissioned: Juri Arisugawa and Shiori Takatsuki of Revolutionary Girl Utena

Links to picture(s):
These get pretty interesting. Perusing the gallery you can tell how the skirt lengths change seemingly at will, with a combination of rolling them desperately and very poor photoshop. As far as their real lengths are:
That is the best approximation I can give, though they, too, have been rolled.
For torso detail:

Timeline: Payment sent in mid-November, costumes received in June.

Describe your Experience.
Pros: As usual, there is no one who beats this commissioner on quality. The sleeves were perfect--they had been my greatest fear--and everything from the lining and seams to the little fastener buttons and the fabric choices were absolutely exquisite. I've seen cosplay sold in Tokyo in person, and I can honestly say these were better quality both at first glance and in construction from start to finish. Clean lines, flawless assembling...I find myself impressed again and again with the magic this commissioner works with costumes. The fit was absolutely perfect with the Juri costume of the two; nothing to change, nothing but praises. Shiori was a slightly different matter, but not to the fault of the cosplay1.
Cons: This is the third time I have ordered from this commissioner, and I feel I have noticed a trend. If there is a slit in a dress or a objectively interpretable length to a skirt, they will choose to err on the side of modesty. This could well be interpreted as a good thing--longer skirts can be hemmed, but shorter ones cannot be lengthened. In this particular instance, however, the reference shots clearly had the hem around mid-thigh, whereas it actually came to our knees. This very well could have been, however, an error of measurement on my part, and I wouldn't be surprised. Though I do want to give a grand benefit of the doubt to them for my screw up in the process, I believe the skirt's end result was a combination of both of us.

Comments: For the Shiori outfit, incorrect measurements had been provided to the commissioner, and it was entirely my fault. I didn't catch it until I had been solicited for a shipping address; like, I was off by inches at times, not just a few centimeters here and there, so I was expecting a less than perfect result of my own fault. Even for how grossly misled I was in my own measuring, however, the lengths of the skirts I'd requested were not entirely off from what I'd intended them to be--and the stripe along the bottom made them particularly risky to hem. Given how greatly I screwed up with the measurements and the fact that it fit at ALL, though, I believe is just another testament to how very accomplished this commissioner is, and I look forward to working with them for another few projects in the future for that impeccable, unmatched quality they have delivered again and again.

Final Grade: A!

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Name of Commissioner: Limebarb

Website: http://www.limebarb.com/

Character commissioned: Two Organization XIII coats

Links to picture(s):

Timeline: Requested in mid-January, received in June

Describe your Experience.
Pros: Everything is pretty much exactly perfect. She went to an extraordinary effort on the beads, which are a detail lacking in every other coat that I was able to find offered by the other commissioners I approached. The lining was nothing short of professional, the fabric looked like it came straight out of the video game and the fit was perfect (for Xemnas, that is; once again my inept ability to measure myself required I pin myself into my own, but it worked out fine). Limebarb is a commissioner I love to go to when others are lacking experience in their portfolio for what I need, and with ideal seams, flawless construction and perfect detail (to say nothing of the best solution to those pesky beads that I've ever seen), I certainly intend to continue.
Cons: As beautiful as the end product was--a difficult thing to accomplish when organization cosplayers are a dime a dozen--I would have liked if the same amount of amazing effort and detail that she devoted to the coat inside and out would've extended to the zipper as well. It didn't run the full length of the coat, and was simply a normal zipper rather than the comically huge ones of the reference images. If I had to choose between the overall quality of the costume and an accurate zipper, however, I'd gladly take what I was provided.

Comments: Once again, attempts to measure myself with string and a 15cm ruler do not work out. Big surprise. So if the fitting to the Larxene in the provided pictures looks strange, I blame myself entirely for the slap-dash job of sticking two dozen safety pins down one side in an attempt to make it--at least appear--properly fitted. The Xemnas is my brother, and I received reports that before the convention he was stubbornly looking for excuses to simply wear it around the house because it was so comfortable and fit better than most of his everyday clothes. Limebarb was the only commissioner I knew of with the experience required to do this project to the degree of perfection I was hoping for, and I was certainly not disappointed, zipper or no.

Final Grade: A!
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The Hag
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Originally Posted by Kanira View Post
It didn't run the full length of the coat, and was simply a normal zipper rather than the comically huge ones of the reference images. If I had to choose between the overall quality of the costume and an accurate zipper, however, I'd gladly take what I was provided.
As someone who just made an OXIII coat and used the custom ginormous zipper, I'd have to say that LimeBarb made the right decision. The big ones are SO heavy that they pull down the front of the costume and make it a little saggy. It looks o.k., but doesn't have that nice CGI smoothness one strives for. I'm going to see if I can put some kind of reinforcement across the shoulders to keep it up a little better but if I ever make another one, I'm using a smaller zipper! Hope it's appropriate to post this. ^_^;

And thank you for all your hard work in keeping this thread updated!
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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
The big ones are SO heavy that they pull down the front of the costume and make it a little saggy.
Ah, that might explain it then, if she just had to choose the lesser of two evils. Is certainly appropriate I know very little about sewing with my history of commissioning, so the reasons behind the choices people make to reach their desired solutions are generally a mystery--is good to have an opinion from a seamstress.
And no problem ^^ Am just glad that it's helpful for you!
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Unread 08-25-2008, 04:57 PM   #1050
Looks good in uniform...
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Name of Commissioner: Velvet Eden / Chibi-Kun on here

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/velvetedencosplay/

Character commissioned: Randel Orland (Pumpkin Scissors)

Links to picture(s): Hard to link to something I never recieved

Timeline: Over 6 months..

Describe your Experience: I was approached by Velvet Eden in relation to offering to commission Randels jacket and coat. We agreed a price and the communication was good. Until I sent the $130 deposit and then they all went quiet. Repeated emails were sent with intermittent replies normally along the lines of "Oh we are still working on it". They ignored my requests for photo's which was one of the conditions to me accepting them as commissioners.

I only seemed to get any response when I PM'd her on this website. Well time dragged on and they missed one deadline, promised to meet the next and lo and behold missed that too. Then recieved an email saying that she was no longer working for the company she had allegedly been commissioning for and I should take it up with them. The email address she gave was fake and so I just have had to write the money off.

Pros: Non

Cons: They are con artists and theives. Awful communication and horrible customer service.

Comments: Avoid like the plague!

Final Grade: F


Name of Commissioner: The Hag / Lani@thecosplaybrigade

Website: N/A

Character commissioned: Patch (2) (Pumpkin Scissors)

Links to picture(s): http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x...mpkindraft.jpg

: 1 month

Describe your Experience: Approached Lani on recommendation from a number of friends she was polite, business like and an excellent choice.

Pros: Patch was accurate and spot on, excellent price!

: Non of note

Comments: Would and going to use again! Brilliant service!

Final Grade
: A+
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