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culture shocked
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Aren't ebay sellers generally dealers in premade or mass-produced costumes and therefore "merchants" not "comissioners"?

I see a lot of people posting commissioner reviews for this sort of transaction...

Both go in the same thread ~ but are really quite different in terms of the sort of service being reviewed ^^;
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Well, some eBay sellers let you send your measurements, so unless they're bad (can't think of another word :s) sellers, they'll custom make (basically comission) your item. Honestly, I think I almost bought a premade costume, then decided to send in measurements. I wouldn't have reviewed it if it was premade ^^
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Originally Posted by Nova~Spoon View Post
Well, some eBay sellers let you send your measurements, so unless they're bad (can't think of another word :s) sellers, they'll custom make (basically comission) your item. Honestly, I think I almost bought a premade costume, then decided to send in measurements. I wouldn't have reviewed it if it was premade ^^
Most Chinese shops that ask for sizes still send pre-made items. They just send you the ones closest to your size. They do indeed often make items to order ~ but they're all the same items made from the same backstock of fabrics in the same factories. Someone purchasing the same costume you ordered is likely to get exactly the same costume you ordered (the same design, the same make and in the same timeframe).

But even a tailored costume ordered from a pre-made template is different than a costume which is custom made to your specifications.

Most merchants will not accept orders for items they don't have in their catalogs (which is what people tend to seek from "commissioners").

IE. in a comissioner situation ~ your item does not already exist. It's created to fit your specifications by a seamstress, tailor, stylist or propmaker on your request. In a merchant situation, you already know what your item (ought to) look like and it is either popped in a box and sent or manufactured to spec (usually in a Chinese factory).

Having merchant reviews in the commissioner's category or under the "commissioner" heading may lead people to misunderstand that they can order custom items from a merchant.

Merchant reviews are just as helpful as comissioner reviews... but can be hard to find if they're in the wrong category.
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eBay can be rather tough. I tend to leave it to the discretion of the person making the review, since they should probably know whether or not their dress was handmade or their tiara store-bought. I've moved a few obvious ones (base wigs, I believe they were) into merchants, though, before.

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Name of Commissioner: CosOO
Website/C.com gallery: http://stores.ebay.com/Cos00-Cosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: Full cosplay of Ace from Heart no Kuni no Alice (http://cgi.ebay.com/Clover-no-Kuni-n...#ht_4599wt_911)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2602370/
Timeline: 1 month
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: Granted I'm not the one who had to deal with them, when I recive the garment it was fitting and I'm satisfied with the workmanship. Granted there are several parts I could pick about, but I'm OCD like that. I don't commission often so I'm really glad to see this one ended well. Also, $150 shipped for a set for shirts, tie, vest, jacket, overcoat, belt, and pants really isn't that bad. Since I've updated, I've had many friends ask me if I really commission it. And what you see in the auction photos is basically what you get.

Final Grade: A

My Cosplay Selling Thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=310791

My Wig Selling Thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?p=4653915
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Thumbs down Costume worth the low price, not the trouble.

Name of Commissioner: Princess Snowglobing Cosplay

Website/C.com gallery:
C.com gallery:
Facebook fanpage:
Deviantart account:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Byakuya Kuchiki of Bleach

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Complete Costume (minus the wig, sandals/socks and hair pieces. No sword.)
Will update with closer detail shots later.

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Commission Date: February 07, 2010 discounted at $30
Measurements Given: March 1, 2010
Mailed: June 08, 2010
Received main costume: June 15,2010
Waiting on the gloves/scarf/white shirt in the mail supposedly as of June 21st with a full refund in the mail. I don't plan on cashing it. Writing up a thank you letter once received.
Full costume due before Anime Boston 2010, April 2-4th. NO FINAL PRODUCTION DATE WAS GIVEN. Dates were constantly changing, she'd make a commitment and back out on it at the last minute with an excuse of some sort. Constantly being rubber-banded.

Describe your Experience -

It started with me telling one of my friends that I wanted to crossplay Byakuya, but after surfing around the net I didn't have enough money to commission a costume at full price. After a few days, my friend talked to me again and told me that Cary of PrincessSnowGlobing was willing to make the full outfit for a discounted price. My friend gave me her AIM address and I waited for the opportunity to message her.

Contact through AIM:
February 07: Spoke with PrincessSnowglobing's leader for the first time online, had ordered a costume from her previously a few years back and was pleased with it. My friend recommended her. She was willing to make the costume at a discounted price because it was for a school project for one of her college classes. I was skeptical on it at first, unsure of what the quality would be, but decided to send her a check because I had heard good reviews about her. I was never given a final production date.

I almost never saw her online on AIM, though it was my preferred mode of contact. I happened to notice that PrincessSnowglobing was on deviantART, so I decided to contact her there. From the beginning, I was never given any sort of solid contact information, and I was usually always the one to contact her and get updates.

Contact through deviantART:
March 1st: Sent her my measurements.
March 11th: Scheduled a meeting to get better measurements and try on parts of the costume. Rescheduled to next Friday because of the weather and work. Started to notice that some scheduling was becoming disorganized on her part. I decided to just go with it.
Shedding doubt on the costume: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...Amessage02.jpg
March 18th: Tried on parts of my costume for the first time, the pants and coat. She seemed excited to work on the costume, we went out to eat and talked quite a bit. She assured me several times that the costume would be completed in time for Anime Boston.
My follow up message: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...Amessage01.jpg
Visited her again sometime during the end of March to try on the shirt/pants/coat.
Getting closer to the con:
April 1st: Arranged to meet her at her dorms. Costume looked relatively the same as it did when I last visited. Ended up working on the costume myself while she continued to work on other outfits she needed to finish before tomorrow. I hand drew and painted all of the symbols on the haori captain's coat (squad six mark on back and circles/slashes on the coat tail) with black fabric paint. After that, I assisted in embroidering a headband for someone else's costume because I was worried that my costume wouldn't be finished if I didn't help out some. Around 7 pm, the rest of the PrincessSnowGlobing crew arrived and they set to work on their D.Gray-man costumes to finish for tomorrow. The pants needed to be majorly hemmed at the bottom and were dragging on the floor, the shirt needed to be hemmed, the coat needed to be hemmed and a split in the coat tail. The gloves weren't made yet and I hadn't seen the scarf much nor knew how long it was. She once again assured me that, despite unfinished appearances, it would be finished in time for the convention tomorrow.

The Convention:
April 2nd: Arrived at the convention with no costume at 9 am. Got the run around with little to no communication on PrincessSnowglobing's part on Friday, using every form of communication I had available to me (phone and text, and calling other people who might know where they were). Waited around to see if I could get a response, didn't want to go into the convention without a costume, spent most of my time complaining and being upset. Saw Cary already in one of her costumes but without mine, apologizing and informed me that they left the scarf and gloves in the car. She would fix it up later, hopefully that night. Managed to find one of their members carrying around my uncompleted costume around 3 pm. I thanked him and went to go try it on. Everything except the gloves and scarf were there, I needed them for the Bleach photo-shoot and ended up not going on Friday because the shoot was at 4 pm.

Let's just say the costume was worth $30, if that. The quality was shoddy and clearly rushed, being the day of/before the con. Not everything was hemmed, and the parts that were hemmed had many loose threads and fringing that it had the tendency to get caught on things. The linen pants were my biggest worry, dragging on the floor of the Hynes Convention Center. It ran risk of getting caught inside an escalator several times, tripping over it, other people and collecting dirt. My secondary worry was that several parts of the costume still had pins and needles in it, some in unnecessary places, unknown to me until further inspection in the bathroom. The friend that had recommended PrincessSnowGlobing to me was with me at the time came into my stall and was shocked to see it in the condition it was in, telling me that Cary was capable of much better work. I was surprised as well, knowing that the seamstress had told me she was excited to work on it, and was one of the reasons she gave me the huge discount. Pros about the costume were that it was passable enough for people to recognize as the character. It was also very breathable, a nice linen fabric and it wasn't all that heavy on my body weight wise. Great, considering it was April and damned hot outside.

Myself and a few other people went to the hotel room that PrincessSnowGlobing was staying in, and they were busy working on their D.Gray-man costumes and practicing for their skit for the masquerade. I had a hard time bringing up the fact that my costume was unfinished and would at least like the pants to be hemmed to fit. I asked her to please retrieve my scarf and gloves from the car, I didn't much expect them, but I needed them for the next Bleach photoshoot on Saturday.

April 3rd: Bought the straw sandals and tabi for my costume in the dealers room, soon regretted it later as my feet needed to break them in. Had to call my friend who was doing the D.gray-man skit with them and was busy working on her own costume. I walked all the way across the Prudential Center (quite a walk, mind you, took me 15 minutes walking slow) to find out that they didn't get a chance to get my scarf/gloves and I was under the impression that they did. Asked several times for them. Did not receive scarf and gloves in time for the photoshoot. Walked all the way back to the convention. Pros were that despite being unfinished, I was claimed to be the most accurate likeness to the character at the convention.

April 4th: Not much to say about the costume here. Cary inquired from my friend if I was upset, and apologized to me about the whole mess. She told me that she would "completely redo the costume the way it was supposed to be" and throw in a bonus plushie for my troubles. I felt her apology was sincere and honest, and I forgave her then; saying that I didn't expect her to but as long as the costume was touched up some I was ok.

Despite the huge run around at the convention and being upset on Friday, I had a good time and came out of it in a good mood. Surprisingly.

April 18th: Messaged on dA, inquiring about my costume's progress. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1..._dAmessage.jpg

Continued below...
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Continued from above...

Name of Commissioner: Princess Snowglobing Cosplay

Website/C.com gallery:
C.com gallery:
Facebook fanpage:
Deviantart account:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Byakuya Kuchiki of Bleach


Continued from above...

April 25th: Not receiving any contact for about a week, I decided to get more personal (much to my dismay) and message her facebook account. My message on facebook was promptly replied to, and informed that dA was no longer a good way to contact her anymore because PrincessSnowGlobing was taking a break. A bunch of excuses ensued and she told me she would keep me updated.
Our conversation:
Part 1: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...ookconvo01.jpg

May 2nd: I gave her my shipping address to my house and fully expected my costume in the mail. She texted me, saying that she could probably just drop it off at my dorm. It was soon changed to me picking up my costume at her dorm yet again. She told me she'd text back to me on that matter because move out for her dorm was soon. Complications arose with her moving out of her dorm and that never happened, she never texted me back.

May 12th: Me inquiring about the lack of response from her and where my costume was.
May 27th: Would I get my costume sometime this year, indeed.
May 28th: She's busy busy and personal excuses that are none of my business or concern. I forward her a different address to ship to.
June 3rd: Once again inquiring where my costume is. Is it in the mail, or what?
June 6th: More excuses and personal drabble. I'm starting to see a pattern and I just want my costume finished or unfinished. The insurance, tracking, and seam finishes were surprising and I appreciated them, thanking her for the heads up.
June 9th: I receive my tracking number. Thanks again.

Part 2: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...ookconvo02.jpg

June 9th: The scarf/gloves are once again forgotten and in the mail on "Saturday."
June 23rd: I inquire where my accessories are. They could be lost in the mail, for all I knew. I wasn't going to assume she didn't send them.

June 25th: I post on my status and tagged her in it:
"I finally bothered to open the package I received from *PrincessSnowGlobing*. Nice and wrinkly. Still waiting on scarf/gloves/shirt >:|"

June 26th: She removes me from her friends list, the only form of contact I had with her. She was lucky then that the wrinkles were the only thing I complained about publicly. I couldn't believe her behavior at how she was treating a client. The last message is what pushed me to post this honest review. She expects me to read her mind and forces guilt on me about cost and that she apologized several times, like apologizing and sending me back my money makes her bad customer service reputation go away.

Pros: Appearance wise, the costume was accurate. It functioned well and I could move around easily. The fabric choice was great and it wasn't hot at all. I really enjoy wearing it, when I do, it's a very fun costume. Her attitude was nice in the beginning, and her apologies seemed to be honest. I had fun hanging out with her.

Cons: Too many to count. Bad or no communication, unspecific dates, bad attitude, lots of personal excuses, costume unfinished and not completed in a timely manner. Costume was unsafe to wear at the convention and parts of the costume were missing. The pants looked like they had been lying around on the floor somewhere from wrinkles, no visible pleats to speak of. Costume was worth exactly what I paid for. Got a rude message in the end about me being unhappy with my late costume.

Communication: D-
Timeline: F
Costume: C+

Final Grade: D+
Would not recommend to anyone I know. Requires LOTS of patience and temperament. Not worth the time or effort.
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Name of Commissioner
Black Moon Cosplay

Website/C.com gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game
One Princess Jasmine wig (Disney Movie)

Timeline (how long your order took to process)
I ordered it in early March 2010 by the deadline for May 20th, 2010. However, I had to send a reminder e-mail on the 21st of May when I had not heard from the commissioner and no wig had arrived. It was rush ordered after that and made it to me on the 26th-- one day before the convention I needed it for.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
Initially I had three different commissioners in mind; I ended up choosing Black Moon Cosplay because of the low price ($150 where others had quoted $250 and up).

I was very unhappy with the quality of the styling; the wig fiber was a cheaper kanekalon, but I was okay with that due to the relatively low price.

The e-mail sent to me: "When in the box during shipping, the hair might shift around the puffs. All you gotta do is gently spread them out over the cotton batting thats in them. Just spray them with hair spray after. That'll give them a good hold to stay in place"

The wig was filled out with white cottons balls loosely tied into a ball with black thread. After spending a half hour trying to cover and reshape the wig hair around the balls, I proceeded to remove all of the cotton in the ponytail as the white cotton was still visible and cobwebby. I only kept the cotton in the front roll over bangs (Cotton still visible in photos of this wig after many pins and hairsprayings!)

After that, I had my friend restyle and tie the wig. This process took over 45 minutes. Had I known the wig would come styled in such a haphazard way, I would have purchased a wig of comparable length for $85.00 and styled it myself.

Instead of using loose, small cotton balls, 4" styrofoam balls painted black would have been a much less cumbersome and hidden way to hold the shape of this wig, IMHO.

You get what you pay for with this commissioner, nothing more. Give them more time than the deadline they self impose and maybe it will turn out better.

Final Grade:
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Oops, forgot to mention, we're updated :>
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I didn't see mine on the list v_v ...?
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Failure at Cosplay...
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Name of CommissionerDoubleShopPro (ebay)
Website/C.com galleryhttp://myworld.ebay.com/doublepshop2008/
Character commissioned and series/video game Kaiko Shion from Vocaloids
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned itemOn my profile
Timeline About 2 months but that was my fault (see below)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pros:I can't begin to tell you how friendly they were. They contacted me right away to keep up with what I wanted and everything. I didn't have measuring tape so I asked for medium. The cosplay is exactly what's pictured: scarf, jacket, shorts, 2 arm warmers and boot covers ;w; It's super soft and extremely well made. They got every detail right! And I'm very OCD about details.

Cons: (most cons are my fault actually) The shorts are a tad bit tight so there is some serious muffin top shiz going on when I open the jacket. The armwarmers were a bit big and the elastic was on the inside rather than being sewn into the sleeves. But I got used to that.
I don't use the boot covers at all even though they're EXTREMELY amazing ;n; Maily cause my feet are too big and there's no elastic on the covers OTL

Shipping was bad for me because I ordered during Chinese New Years. I was stupid and forgot to take that into account. HOWEVER, the seller kept in close contacts and reassured me the cosplay would be shipped out asap and I'd get it in time for my first con of the year. Which I did. ^^

Final Grade:
A- One of the greatest cosplays I own. I wouldn't trade it for the world <3 Amazing contact and a great result. I love it and plan on ordering from there again soon ^^
CPAC, NYComicCon, ???

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I posted this is the wrong place before

Name of Commissioner:Jennifer Cosplay
Character commissioned:Hatusune Miku from Vocaloids

I'm new to cosplaying so I searched many different sellers, both ebay and non to find a costume since I didn't have any previous experience to base anything on. I found Jennifer Cosplay on ebay and her costumes to me looked to be of high quality and she didn't seem to have stolen pictures on her site which was a rarity looking through sellers outside the U.S.

I found a Hatsune Miku costume and wig that were super reasonably priced and looked very nice in the pictures, so I ordered it and kept in close contact with the seller to make sure she had my measurements and whatnot.

Jennifer always responded to my emails within a day and was very helpful with me while awaiting my costume and answering all my questions. I got my costume within 2.5 weeks (I did expedited shipping to recieve it in time for an event), and I wasn't disappointed.

The costume is made wonderfully and the fabric used is very durable. The shirt was a tad big around the waist (but keep in mind, I did want the shirt to be tight all over ... some people may want it a little baggy so this may not be an issue for somebody else) but even me with my limited sewing skills was able to bring it in the inch and a half it needed for me personally. The skirt was made to fit my measurement perfectly both waist and lengthwise. For the low price I paid, the costume even came with a tuning fork accessory.

The wig was equally impressive. Very high quality and perfect color ... just as it was depicted in the photos.

The only downfall to ordering from China is the shipping, and I paid as much for the shipping as I did for the actual costume. But you know what, it's still ended up being less expensive than other sellers I found with less impressive costumes.

I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer Cosplay on ebay

I attached a photo, the wind was blowing so the wig looks a little messy lol ... but it really is a high quality costume, my picture doesn't do it justice.

FINAL GRADE - a solid A
Attached Images
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Oop, sorry arcanavicarious! Thanks for pointing that out; I think we're all caught up now :>
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Name of Commissioner: Carrot Anime
Website/C.com gallery: www.carrotanime.com
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Lavi from D.Gray-Man second uniform.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://carrotanime.com/store/compone...83a0bc1abe.jpg
Timeline (how long your order took to process): It took only about a week to process the order.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I'm pretty much never ordering from them again, I'm just sticking to the commissioner I have now. I gave them my measurements, handed over an $80 down payment, and NEVER got my cosplay. They said it would be done by October, guess what? I never got it. I sent them an email, and I got one back. It was just one of those automatic emails saying that they were on vacation and would be back -insert date here-. I sent another email, and never got a reply back. I lost my $80 and got nothing out of it.
Final Grade: F.
Next Con:

Cosplay Plans:
-Mako (Kill la Kill)
-Popstar Ahri (League of Legends)
-Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 5)
-Poison (Final Fight)

My Facebook Page:Facebook.com/IthliaOfficial
My DeviantArt:DeviantArt
My Tumblr:Tumblr
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Originally Posted by Tande View Post
Name of Commissioner: Carrot Anime

Website/C.com gallery: http://carrotanime.com/store/

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Assassin Cross (Ragnarok Online) Whole Costume, minus shoes and Soul Linker (Male Version, Ragnarok Online), whole costume, no shoes.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
I will add more pictures when I get everything ready (as in pictures of me wearing it)

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Much too long. I got in contact in early February and just recieved the order yesterday (May 25th) More on that later...

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments
At the end of January, I asked for a quote for the first costume: Assassin Cross. I felt the price was right, especially for something that included armor, and paid for it near the beginning of February. While I'm at it I made sure to place the due date a few weeks before the convention I planned on wearing it to, just in case something ever did happen: April 23rd. In March, my hubby decided he wanted to do something at the convention as well and I ended up putting in another costume for CarrotAnime, the Soul Linker costume, with the same due date and everything: figuring they had already finished the Assassin Cross costume, the Soul Linker was just fabric and wouldn't take very much time and they could still get it to me by April 23rd: Yet the same date for both of the costumes.
Anyway, April 23rd rolls around and no sight in the finishing of the second costume: so I pop them an email asking them when they believe it will be done. A few days later they tell me they will check...and I have to email them yet AGAIN to remind them to check and I make sure to include my address, name, # since I wanted to send the package off ASAP in order to get it by May 13th (When I was leaving for the Con). Whew.
Anyway, April 29th rolls around and they finally send me pictures of the second cosplay and ask me for my address, etc, even though I had already told them it. With another waste of a day, I send it to them...again.
By the beginning of May, they say they've sent it out after asking me the exact date I need it by (...isn't that what the DUE date is for?) and promising me that it'll get here by then. A few days before I leave for the convention, I shoot them an email asking them when I should expect it, who they even shipped it by..etc. I had thought they were going to give me a tracking number...but alas, nothing. It takes them two emails: both on weekdays, to reply to my worried blah blah blah. Two days from the convention I shoot them an email...nothing, so the next day I shoot them YET another email and they finally reply to me saying it was being held by the mail for some check or something. I didn't really CARE about that, in every email I had asked them if they even thought I'd get it in time.
Anyway, long story short: I don't and the day before I leave for the convention they FINALLY tell me and offer to refund one of the costumes. I take the offer, expecting, hey, more money for the convention I don't get to wear the costumes to. I don't get the money until DAYS after I come back from the convention, and even then I have to remind them twice.
Anyway...what this has taught me: No more ordering from foreign companies. I'll stick to American goods, thank you very much, even if they are a bit pricey, at least they GET here on time.
So, the actual costume? Here we go.
The actual package I received was sort of...bent corners, looked like it'd been through the ringer a few times. Lots of tape kept it...together, really. The packaging for everything was plastic, tape, and styrofoam. More on that later...
The Soul Linker one came out wonderful, the only gripes I have is the pants are a bit tight on the legs at the bottom. That will be fixed with wear, I guess. Considering this was an all fabric costume: It was wonderful.
The Assassin Cross fabric part was wonderfully done, the only gripes I have with it is it seems like they forgot to factor in my hips (and its not like I have...much for hips). I can't "zip" it up at all. One small detail that I didn't like either that will be fixed with wear is the "buttcape" curls out a bit in the front. I'm afraid to iron it because the faux leather or whatnot on the top looks plasticy. I suppose I could try a low heat...
The Armor part though! Let's get on to that!
They made the mistake of packaging like parts together. Which at first I wouldn't think would do much but when they rubbed together while shipping: some of the paint chipped off. One of the "knife" shoe parts even broke, but was easily fixed by some k-kraaaazzzzy glue. Speaking of the "knife" shoe parts, the pointyness got sort of bent by the packaging/shipping too. They also put the shoulder parts together, which again: I wouldn't think would be the problem but the safety clips on the top one made a heavy indent on the bottom one.
The actual quality of the armor is pretty nice. Lightweight and all the buckles'n'such that keep it on the body are well done. I'll still bring my k-kraaaazzzzzzyy glue with me to the next convention, just in case.

Cheap well constructed lightweight armor as well as fabric costumes.

Shipping is a nightmare...including opening everything. It seems they can't hit a due date to save their lives, but from what I understand is they don't even make the costumes - they outsource it to other places in China. Sometimes their email system is shoddy and they tend to make excuses for things, but it might be from lost translation. It seems like they lie to make people happy or something: especially when all I wanted was the truth about when to expect the cosplay, what company they used, or even if they could get it done in time by the due date.

Final Grade: D
Seriously, have you ever gotten a good grade from something you turn in a month later?
Just noticed this wasn't listed It's from a while back.
You there! I love you! Let's be friends? OH BABY~<3

louisianime 2011
mechacon 2011
san Japan 4tw <3
see you there~

my deviantart: http://www.alyssadude.deviantart.com xD
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