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Lightbulb Remnant Elf - Idea

So over the coming months for ages i was putting together a story for a graphic novel. Copyrighted to Me.

The name is Remnant Elf - Now this means basically Remnant - little of or last one left.

The story is about an Elf in the real normal everyday world. Not knowing who he is or where he came from, he remembers his past and sometimes has backflashes in his dreams of another world. Its an adventure story mainly where he begins life as normal and then there is a twist and he is now plunged into a head long quest with many trials and errors and tests.

I'm not the best writer so it's not a great piece of work. It is written in screenplay for easy reading. So Heres the blurb for Volume 1:

Miyazaki is an ordinary high school student at the age of 16 well
you could say ordinary there is just something that sets him apart
from others, His life seems pretty simple for now as he starts going
back to school and living life like the norm but upon discovering a
book in his student library his whole world twists round.

I have to post this in more than one post as it's long. So theres the blurb.

What you think?

Also if you want to draw panels or are interested in possibly working on this let me know first.

Chapter 1 - Lifes Beginning
Chapter 2 - Shinjo
Chapter 3 - Mysterious Girl


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Chapter 1 - Introduction To Miyazaki.

Remnant Elf Volume 1 - An Elf It Is

Opening: Scene Miyazaki's Bedroom

Miyazaki - *waking up*

Hi, I’m Miyazaki, Miya for short, I’m 16 years
old, I live alone in my own home in this amazing place.

*Sitting up in bed looking out window at view covers over head*

which is paid for but I don’t know by who, I play the bass guitar
and ukulele

*looks over at instruments*

Naturally talented I guess. That’s all I know…

[Hints to an adventure - TheBeginning]

I’m about to go back to school, there’s just one

*Fall out of bed pop! Out pop elf ears*

These ears! I know nothing of my past so I don’t know why I have them…
they can’t come off

*tries to pull off - while looking in the mirror*
they are real

*flicks about with one of them while getting changed*

all the girls think their cute
*scene of fan girls in his imagination*

But this year shall be different I have learnt to accept them and I am going to study hard
pffft as if… study… who does that. I’m 16 I’m going to have fun.

*Topless Nya pose*.

*while getting ready for school - struggling to pull shirt over ears Falls over*

…ow ow ow ow! Dam ears! As you can see they can be quite annoying.

Scene - Miyazakis House

*Heads Downstairs to make breakfast it’s 8:00 am schools at 9:00 am*

I have grown to get used to them but I have learnt to accept them. Life isn’t so bad being
ummm an Elf.

*Thinks wait a minute there’s no perks…dammit stupid Elves*

*Eats breakfast which is a piece of melon bread*

*Grabs his lunch he made the night before and goes to set out*

right to school whoot, glad im going to the same one as my friends.

*Steps outside and remembering he left his bag inside turns to get it back and the wind blows the door
shut with the keys and all his school stuff inside.*

Dam! @!”%! my stuff not again.

*Headbutts door*

that didn’t work ¬¬ uh I haven’t got time, got to get to school sit with my friends orit will be else


Scene - Houses and Ordinary People Passing By

*scenes of houses and people, *people staring at ears*

*Miya thinking to self - talking out loudly*

I don’t think I’ve always lived here I remember something else something I
can’t quite picture but there were others like me I think Elves
that is. Maybe there is…


Maybe there are other ELVES!!!

*people stare scared*

*embarrassed Miya*

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Chapter 2 - Character Introduction Shinjo - Miyazakis Friend. Carries on from Chapter 1.

Oh look it’s Shinjo


This is my friend Shinjo he’s a good cook and tries to be funny,
wants to be a ladies man with his epic cooking swoonage. He
seems to have this impression everyone will bow down to his
cooking one day.


*Shinjo stuffing his face with his food, points out and shouts*

Shinjo - ‘Dude you have elf ears!’

Miya - yes and you are what?? A dumbass cook? Or a fat bakery loving kid?

Shinjo - Nooo I’m awesome here try

*shoves it in miyas mouth…*

Shinjo - I’m Shinjo my cooking will get me all the ladies

*confident face*

- Miyazaki Thinks To Self - *it’s good dam if I was female I would make him cook
for me everyday* *pictures it in mind*

Miyazaki - Hey Shinjo!!!!!

*Catches up…and they walk together*

Shinjo - *waves* Hey Miya.. Good morning? You look rough,

*close up on Miya showing him all frustrated and a mess*

Shinjo - Bad wake up I guess.

Miyazaki -Yer you could say that… *not impressed*

- Miyazaki Thinks To Self - *he doesn’t need to know*

Miyazaki - How about you? What you been making for lunch... Smells good

*Shinjo pulls out a bag with a full course dinner in*

Miyazaki - THAT!!!!! There is no way! How do you have time to do that.

Shinjo - Skills which the ladies will love, you know they will, what can you do huh?! Play
instruments… which I admit look pretty cool, anyway you looking forward to school… how’s the ears? Can I touch em??

*goes to touch*

Miyazaki - Haha you and the ladies Shinjo always wishing. Yer I can play instruments but I don’t know I will
find something I’m good at

*Miyazaki academic failure*

Miyazaki - I don’t even know how I learnt or where they even come from shin. So I
didn’t really learn. And no Get Away from my ears!!!

*hits Shinjo*

Miyazaki - I told you how many times now.

Shinjo - You don’t know much about yourself do you… well I don’t know how many times you
said not to touch I guess enough… but there just so long.

*staring at the ears*

Shinjo - oh! I got a line for you to try on the ladies

Miyazaki - What’s that?

Shinjo - Just say mines 9 inches.

*Miya confused*

Shinjo - Your ears silly. It’s like a guy and his you know.. Or do elves
not have them either??

Miyazaki - WHAT!!! We do well, I do and that’s none of your business.

Shinjo - But Miya the ladies love your ears. Use them to your advantage I would flaunt them babies

*Shinjo imagines himself with them*

*Miya sees it too.*

Miyazaki - You so wouldn’t suit them Shin. Anyway where’s Malia she normally walks with you?

Miyazaki - *looking puzzled*

Shinjo - You know Malia Miya she’s a bit special don’t you think??

Miyazaki - Well she’s a bit crazy yer but its cute.

Shinjo - Is that a crush I hear on poor, sweet miss crazy Malia.

*nudges at Miya making gestures*

Miyazaki - Shinjo how dare you!! You know we are just good friends.

Miyazaki - *humph in a mood*

Shinjo - Oh c’mon Miya you know you would. she probably wouldn’t know how to do anything. She's probably stuck trying
to figure out how to make toast at the moment.

Shinjo & Miyazaki - *picture Malia making toast*

Shinjo - I’m surprised she can tell time really…

Miyazaki - Me too but she can make pretty awesome outfits and she is
pretty and funny you have to admit, without her school would
be a bore.

Shinjo - Yer I agree there
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Chapter 3 - Walking & Talking - Character Introduction - The Mysterious Zuki.

Scene - Outside The Academy of Where They Go.

Outside School theres students around, but one stands out - Miss Zukinowa - Malias Friend Nickname Zuki.

Shinjo - *Notices Zukinowa*

Shinjo - Hellloooo! Hot stuff Miya look!!!!!!!! Look!!!!! She’s amazing… Who is she??

Miyazaki - *Miya looks over and can’t help but stare*

Miyazaki - I don’t know shin, she must be new I think…

Shinjo - you figure she’s our age? I don’t care what age she is I’m going after her. Shin wait

Miyazaki - *goes to stop him but too late,*

Miyazaki - oh no…

Miyazaki - *buries his face in his hands*

Miyazaki - I can’t watch. Then again it may be funny.

Scene - *Shinjo approaches Zuki*

Shinjo - Hi there.. You must be new ??

Zuki - U..u..um.. Y..er…

Zuki - *tries to hide*

Shinjo - You shy? There’s no need

Zuki - I’m ok. U..u….m ok..

Zuki - *scared*

Shinjo - What’s your name beautiful??

Zuki - *feeling somewhat confident*

Zuki - What?? Ohhhh ummm Zukinowa, Zuki for short.

Zuki - *goes bright red looking down*

Shinjo - *playing the cooking card*

Shinjo - You will love my cooking

Shinjo - *goes to get out his cooking

Shinjo - *hehe this may work thinks to himself*

Miyazaki -*Miya in background*

Miyazaki - Noooo not the cooking.

Zuki - *Zuki confused*

Zuki -Ummm what’s cooking??

Shinjo -WHAAAAAT??!!!! You don’t know what cooking is…?

Zuki - U..m…m.m..m.m.m.m.m.m nooo… sorry

Zuki - *Bows her head in shame*

Shinjo - It’s where you make food from other things and it becomes one thing??

*Shinjo - *thinking to self I think she gets it*

Zuki - I don’t think I like it..

Shinjo - Nooo my my.. Plan failed.

Shinjo - *Faints*

Miyazaki - *astonished*

Miyazaki - it didn’t work wow.. And it looks like he fainted… better do something.

Miyazaki - *walks on over reaches in Shinjo‘s bag and pulls out some spices, reads label*

Miyazaki - in case of fainting.. Special wake up spice I think this is it..

Miyazaki - Sorry about this

Miyazaki - *apologising to Zuki*

Zuki - *Zuki standing in shock looking at miyas ears*

Zuki - No.oo..no. trouble it’s ok… I’m Zu…zu

Zuki - ZooZoo? Nooo Zukinowa

Zuki - *smiles*

Miyazaki - *smiles back*

Miyazaki - One sec…

Miyazaki - *Takes the special spice and places under shins nose and he
starts coming too*

Shinjo - Wha…whhatt happened…

Miyazaki - You fainted you dumbass…

Shinjo - oh yer! Only because she doesn’t know what cooking is and doesn’t like it she thinks

Shinjo - *points to Zuki*

Zuki - *Zuki still looking shocked at Miyas ears*

Zuki - Soorr..yyy, cooking am I suppose to know what It is??

Shinjo - *Shin makes a gesture*

Shinjo - It doesn’t matter…by any chance seeing as your quite uneducated… do you know Malia??

Miyazaki - Shin!!!! You cant ask her that seeing as Malia is a little unorthodox that’s kind of an insult to Malia and Zuki

Miyazaki - Zuki… Are you staring at my ears??

Zuki - *Zuki snaps out of her shock*

Zuki - Soo..o..o.rry

Zuki - *goes bright red*

Zuki - I wasn’t staring I’m just amazed…

Miyazaki - You think they are cute right?

Zuki - No...

Miyazaki - *schocked face*

Zuki - I just find them amazing. Are you a real elf??

Miyazaki - *Calmer now*

Miyazaki - Umm… I guess so. I don’t know much.

Zuki - That’s a shame..

Shinjo - What about me huh…??

Shinjo - *feeling left out*

Miyazaki - Shin you already introduced yourself…

Shinjo - not funny Miya.

Shinjo - *not a happy shin*

Miyazaki - Well Zuki I am Miyazaki. Miya for short, pleasure to meet you

Zuki - *blushes*

Miyazaki - So do you know Malia?

Zuki - Yer. She’s my best friend We met when I was little and we kept in contact ever since. So this year I decided to transfer
schools and hang out with her. She was crazy then don’t so worry, I love her to bits

Zuki - *smiles*

Miyazaki - *Thinking to self she has a beautiful smile*

Shinjo - Fine just leave me out nobody wants a Shinjo I see…

Shinjo - *Jealous*

Scene End - Still outside school, more pupils around now, saying hi to shin and miya. Waiting for Malia. - overshot of academy
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