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Unread 10-05-2002, 09:28 AM   #91
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I just attended AXNY 2002, with two of my friends along with my mom, and she was perfectly fine with everything. She helped me with my costume (sometimes, but otherwise, it was all done by mwe), and said that she wanted to come with us to see what it was all about.

After the convention she said she had a lot of fun, and she didn't stop us from being friendly to other cosplayers (^__^) wai! She doesn't know much about anime though, but she bought the most expensive thing out of all of us there!! (A fine japanese black kimono! O_O *gimme!!*)

This year, however, to Otakon 2003, my friend Melissa is having her dad come with us, and he LOVES anime!! (LUCKY!!) We're driving there, and her car has a VCR and a tv, so we're gunna be drowned out in anime (five of my other friends are going too ^^) ... wheefun! I think we're spending a night or two (or more..) there as well.

But when we go to AXNY again in '03, methinks my mom is coming with us again, and she said we'd spend the night this time around ^^;; I've already started on my costume, and plan on getting my materials next weekend on Columbus Day, and mom just says that if my grades are good and stuff, I can work on my costume this early in the year ^^

@__@ My dad is just as good as she is (a little less paranoid too lol)

~ Chiri
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Unread 10-05-2002, 09:47 AM   #92
dog of the military
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>But when we go to AXNY again in '03,

Sorry Chiri, but there won't be an AXNY '03 >_<
They may come back in 2004, but next year the AX people are doing a con in Tokyo. Hmm...if you're in the NY area, check out I-con. It's primarily sci-fi / fantasy, but there's still lots of anime.

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Unread 10-05-2002, 10:22 AM   #93
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Sorry Chiri, but there won't be an AXNY '03 >_<
*falls over* @__@;; From what I've been reading in the Guidebooks and crap they gave us once we got there, I thought I saw something about AXNY being in another portion of NYC in 2003....*bigcry*

I do live in the NY area @_@ Long Island, to be exact ... *shrug* Ehh...NYC..not that far away..

~ Chiri
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Unread 10-05-2002, 02:58 PM   #94
Ranma Saotome
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Screw I-con. It's just like Lunacon up here in Westchester. But instead of AXNY 2k3, we have BAAF 2k3 (YAY).
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Unread 10-05-2002, 04:00 PM   #95
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But instead of AXNY 2k3, we have BAAF 2k3 (YAY).
Yes! ^_^ There's still an anime convention in good ol' NYC ...

~ Chiri
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Unread 10-15-2002, 11:59 AM   #96
-Yasushi Nirasawa-
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Blah, I had wanted to post on the subject

Well, back on the subject about parents and anime, mine have always been incredibly supportive. Infact, my parents enjoy anime just as much, if not more than I do o_O (half of our collection was bought solely by them..) So when it came to anime cons, there was really no objection whatsoever and they brought me to my first con, Katsucon 00 (which was 6, if I remember correctly? ^^ mainly for the guest Amano Yoshitaka. Ever since then they've been increadibly supportive of cons, and my cosplaying hobby, and it amazes my mother that I taught myself sewing completely alone via books, since she can't even do any hand sewing. The only costume they at first had a problem with was Jenova, since well ^^; it is so skin tight, but then they decided it was fine since technically it's my most covering costume....ever. Also, they keep giving me more and more cosplay ideas just themselves ^^;....okay, I have strange parents. ::goes off to hide again::
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Unread 10-15-2002, 01:22 PM   #97
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I don't think my mom or dad mind the fact that I want to cosplay. I think mostly they're happy that I'm suddenly interested in sewing ^o^ And even though I'm 21 and haven't worn a halloween costume for like close to 10 years she still asks me every year if I want her to make a costume for me. I think she likes having projects and I think she's happier now that I want to do it with her. Plus my mom was always supportive of whatever I wanted to do to alter looks and such (even if my most drastic change was blonde highlights..... *shock*) she thinks it's healthy to change yourself up a little bit so you don't get bored with the way you look.

As for the anime thing, I think they pretty much ignore me... after all my older bros are big on American cartoons and occassionally watch some anime titles like Escaflowne or Cowboy Bebop with me. My aunt on the other hand is the coolest thing in the world. She likes some of the same bishounen I do. I know her type it's the pretty man with long blonde hair ala Zechs, Allen Shezar, etc. ^o^

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Unread 10-15-2002, 02:44 PM   #98
-Yasushi Nirasawa-
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At least you don't have your mother bringing home Petshop of Horrors; going on about how insanely cute count D is... there's a mind bender for you. Or even just incert a random title there! The same thing happened with Nightwalker and almost every other title that gets brought home. ::reminds herself to go watch X tv series:: ^_^; it's sad when your parents watch it before you...really.
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Unread 10-28-2011, 06:52 AM   #99
~Grell Is A Crazy Fruit~
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I'm lucky enough to live in the town where Finlands major anime convention, Desucon is hosted. :3
Desucon is hosted here twice per year and the place is VERY close to my home, so travelling won't be a problem.

But I'm still unsure how my parents will act when I tell them that I'm going to Desucon & dressing up as Grell Sutcliff, because they know NOTHING of anime. (Although my dad likes Studio Ghibli movies. owo)
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Unread 12-04-2012, 02:36 PM   #100
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I feel like it's also worth mentioning that occasionally cosplayers develop their hobbies into careers, and end up with successful jobs in fashion or costume design because of those cons they went to.
Like this guy:
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Unread 01-15-2013, 07:37 PM   #101
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My mother is officially convinced that if she lets me go to a convention, I'm going to get kidnapped and sold into slavery. She doesn't mind me cosplaying or watching anime 24/7 (she thinks its weird but she tries to help me with costumes whenever she can), but the second the word "convention" is out of my mouth, I am instantly being bombarded with a million questions about who I'm going with, how many people will be there, what security is like, etc.

I love her an I know she's just trying to look out for me, but DANG. I'm sixteen, believe it or not I can survive a few hours without parental supervision.
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Unread 08-24-2013, 06:13 PM   #102
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My mom, overall, is pretty cool with cosplay. Our budget is a bit tight, but she did say that she would take me one day when we save up enough money.
She also makes all my costumes, which is WAAAAAAY easier on my budget, all I need to do is purchase the wig. Not only that, but she's making a Chibitalia costume for my baby sister, and an Italy cosplay for me. Oh, and a Germany cosplay for herself. ^-^ She is, however, taking me to the Hetalia Day event in Nashville, which will be AWESOME!
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Unread 10-02-2013, 01:25 AM   #103
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Both my parents attend anime cons with me. I've yet to get them cosplaying (mum said she will if the character suits her) but I haven't had time to make them anything yet. :/ BTW my mum is the one who introduced me to anime and we've been watching it since I was a toddler hahaha. One day I would really like to cosplay as Zuko with my parents as Zuko's mum and dad.
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