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Originally Posted by blackflame16 View Post

1. The wristbands... It takes away from the cosplay cause you're like "Oh! Theres a wristband on my arm...". Luckly enough all of my cosplays this year were long sleeved so that I could hide it when I was taking pictures. But next year, please upgrade to badges!!
I make my wrist band loose enough to slip off and put in a bag when I am in costume and I on;y put it on when I need to pass through a "check point". I hate having them in photos, but i understand why they are so brightly colored and obnoxious, just have to work around it =P
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This was my first time to Megacon (and first non-local con ever). I'm from Canada and was lucky enough to attend all three days.

From my experiences between our small (by comparison) convention at home vs Megacon it was easy to tell that there really was no comparison. Our con could take lessons easily!

I was honestly overwhelmed at first, not quite sure what I was doing, where I was going, and if I was right side up really but soon I found it very easy to find my way around, even if it was a brief time when I wasn't with my friends. The layout was pretty easy to figure out after a few hours of traversing the area with an intent to map out where I was going.

The people at megacon were incredible! From the fantastic cosplayers to the general friendly atmosphere I came across, everyone seemed to be having a great time and I didn't sense much, if any, negative atmosphere. I'm not sure if it was because the convention was so much larger than the one at home (and thus you don't see the same people all three days on a constant) or if it's just because the convention was much better arranged but I was thoroughly impressed.

The wristband didn't bug me too much (although I found that I played with it probably more than I should have). The flipside to this is that only recently did our con at home start using lanyards for con badges. Until this past year, we always had our badges on nylon string that slipped, got very long due to the knots, and were really just uncomfortable, not mentioning the badge holders which were easily damaged.

I'm dying to return to megacon next year so fingers are crossed for it to be in the budget because really, it was fantastic. I met loads of awesome people, the cosplays were nothing short of impressive, and I'd love to do more than I did this year! (time constraints and all that)

(sorry about how all over the place and reptitive this was xD)
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Originally Posted by DavinDaLilAzn View Post
I'm just gonna make my initial post, but the one thing that bothers me the most about MegaCon is the effin little wristband!!! Why can't they do badges like every other convention in the country!??!?!! I've asked them before, and they say so that people wouldn't just hand off their badge to someone else. Just because it's a wristband won't stop anyone from doing so. Also, in years past, I've had to work on nights after MegaCon and I can't have that wristband on during work. Another reason is that the wristband looks horrible for cosplayers in pictures and you can't hide it as easily. I mean, it's kind of a given that MegaCon only cares about the money and not the attendees for various of reason.

Alright, I'm done w/ my rant.
What I really hate is when they put my wristband on themselves. I always forget to say no. They always put it on so tight, that I just can't slip it off, and half the time it's on a cosplay with gloves. Once being one with super thick fur at the ends. ughhhh.

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I didn't mind the wrist bands. I understood the reasoning behind it, or at least my perception behind the reasoning. I found it, in the past, to be easier to lose lanyards/badges and harder to hide them for photos. Now, I know collecting con badges is part of the novelty. I have a ring of them. Or I did prior to moving. But, the wrist band was a small price to pay and, from experience, made it easier to get into the dealer's room and such without having to find a twisted lanyard that might be caught on a prop.

I was more disappointed by the time frame. The convention ending at 6pm. I had never been to MegaCon but the 6pm ending was far more of a disappointment. I am not a party person. I have never been a party person. So, leaving at 6pm when I am used to cons either continuing for 24 hours or ending at 12am was very bewildering.

To each their own, I guess.
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MegaCon is known for the dealer room, celebrities, and costumes. Other than that, nothing else happens at MegaCon. They really need to bump up the panels being offered. Other than the anime ones (which are ran by Anime Sushi and not MegaCon) or the few celeb ones, there's nothing else. That's why I LOVE going to Dragon*Con, soooo many panels and events to chose from.
MegaCon is actually one of the most expensive cons I go to in relations to what is offered for what you pay. For Dragon*Con 2012, I paid $60 (same price as Mega) and I get FOUR days of convention with sooooooooooo many panels, events, and things to do. Also, it's the only con I go to that doesn't do tiered pricing, so I usually wait til last minute before I pre-order my ticket.

I'll write more later, but it's almost 3am, brain stopped functioning a few hours ago...
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Originally Posted by DavinDaLilAzn View Post
MegaCon is known for the dealer room, celebrities, and costumes. Other than that, nothing else happens at MegaCon....

I've said this a couple of times in the past week in different forums. Above all else, Megacon is basically a HUGE dealers room with a little bit on the side. I think this has mainly stemmed from the fact that Megacon grew out of a comic style trade show and not what you would consider when thinking of an anime con. In fact, anime is such a side dish there, that the times i saw any actual staff from Megacon (and not Anime Sushi and Propeller Anime volunteers) in the anime section of the con were few and far in between. (in 2011 as i recall the ONLY time i saw actual Megacon staff in the anime area was when Stan Lee walked through.) From what i've observed, the higher ups at Megacon dont particularly give anime that much thought.

The ironic thing is, anytime i walked by the celeb autograph area, the longest lines were for the anime guests. 'Course, the fact that they WERENT charging $20 an autograph might have had something to do with that.
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