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Unread 03-24-2012, 12:22 AM   #76
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Personally I like genderbends because they offer some room for creativity in the character's design, and I find them pretty entertaining when done well. : D Especially if a character is cosplayed a lot, I find it kinda refreshing to see other versions of said character.
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I personally really enjoy a good genderbend. I think that, if done correctly, it can be really creative and a good solution for someone who doesn't want to/can't crossplay. I do get what you mean about some people using it as an excuse to "sexify" an outfit though. However, if that's what they choose to do, then it's their choice I suppose, and more power to them for being comfortable enough in such outfits.
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Alistar Christi
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woman dressing as man showing skin

Originally Posted by Ragtime Mouth View Post
I don't care if someone genderbends a character, I just absolutely despise any woman who turns a fully clothed male character into a skimpy female version. It just makes us look bad, I don't think it's even funny, it's demeaning. There are some acceptions, like for everything, but most of the time it's a bullsht excuse to show some skin. I'm all for women empowerment, but you don't need to be near nude to be empowered.
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Kokoro Hane
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Well, the common answer; some people are uncomfortable crossplaying (I can understand this personally).

Also, sometimes it's fun to see what a character would look like if they're the opposite gender. As an aspiring mangaka, I was bored one day and for fun drew genderbent versions of my own characters. It's kinda weird and awkward when you think about, but interesting.

Now for personally. I never thought I'd even CONSIDER doing a genderbend (embarrassing fact; I used to think genderbend was the same as crossplay. Oh, the newbie days *shutter*) but now I find it interesting. But I am considering cosplaying as a genderbend of Keiichi Maebara from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Why? One, he wears very simple clothes and as a cosplayer on a budget it'd be easier (I'm just gonna turn those pants into a skirt, and I already have a brown short wig!). Two, he carries around a bat! An excuse for me to carry around a prop that I could easily get at 99 cents store (I saw them sell plastic bats! May not look metal-ish, but a white bat should do~). Also he is a pretty cool character, too. He's so funny XD!!

Yeah, I don't agree with people genderbending just to show some skin (usually it's the male to female characters). For me, I just wanna do it for fun and get to carry around a bat 'cause of paranoia! XD!!! *is shot*

So there are multiple reasons behind genderbend I have noticed~
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I do agree that if it just to show skin then it's not the best, but like a lot of other people are saying, people may not have the proper structure or may just not like to crossplay. I have a very feminine figure and face so I can't really crossplay a lot of guys, whom are the characters I usually tend to like most or relate to most. Right now I'm gender bending Rin Okumura and I'm just using the school outfit but with a skirt instead of pants (Which the other female students use) adding long hair, a bit more makeup and keeping everything else the same.
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I have problems doing normal versions, so a lot of times I have to gender bend. I have not successfully figured out a way to hide DDD's without spending an arm an a leg on binding materials or hurting myself. So I typically cosplay female versions of characters and try to stick as close to the main design as possible. For example, I cosplay Female Lavi from DGM; it's the same as regular Lavi, other than longer hair and female physique.
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Someone was talking about this on another thread Cosplay Pet Peeves. But you obviously haven't seen these.


Whose to say Fem Sasuke would'nt wear something scantily clad or the animators decides to. What if Sasuke was female and his whole persona changed including his fashion sense. E.g.(From pink to blue, from pants to a skirt, from bangs to a ponytail etc,.)

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Aren't most gender-benders "female-version-of-who ever"? (that's technically the part that bugs me, but then again, I am a crossplayer)
Genderbend is vice versa, taking a male character giving him female features and accesories. And taking a female character give her male features and accessories.
Basically turning a boy to a girl, a girl to a boy. And well there are more females in general who displays, so there are more girl that genderbend as well.
And many models do photoshoots as a business hence so many photos models on the web. Guys generally do more building, larping and behind the scene work. You don't see too many guys on cos-calendars now do you.

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Unread 12-07-2013, 01:10 PM   #84
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I don't think its a problem. I am planning to gender bend quite a few characters since I will not look good in their male outfits.

Even if someone made a "sexy" gender bend version of a male character I don't think its wrong since thats what they wanted to do and kudos to them for doing it. Its their business how they wanna cosplay the character and if you don't like it look away and ignore them.
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Unread 12-13-2013, 12:18 PM   #85
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For a few years now I've been wanting to do the Tenth Doctor's blue suit. But I've only got so much of a discontinued fabric and I've been afraid to mess it up. Also I have yet to really be happy with how I look when I crossplay Ten.

I've decided to go the genderbend route and I feel so much better about it. I found a women's pant suit pattern that is the same as the men's pattern, but tailored for a female form. That and some women's brainy specs are the only changes I'm making. The hair and Chucks aren't changing.

To me, cosplay is a way to show your love of a character and creativity. It does bug me when someone is obviously changing a character's look just to be "sexy". But it's how they want to dress.
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aka Jomeiji
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Should really edit that OP if the problem isn't genderbending but instead when female versions always have to be scanty *coughpopularhalloweeencostumescough*
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Even though I've technically done crossplay (I'm not really sure if the characters actually count) I still prefer it when people do 'genderbending' versions as opposed to crossplay. I don't really mind either, it's just that I like seeing the creativity involved in giving the character a new design and it's more interesting how so many different variations of the same costume are out there just from feminizing or masculinizing the designs. It's refreshing seeing the change in common costumes.
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I enjoy doing genderbent versions of characters I'm a costume designer so it's fun to make my own designs sometime and play homage to a male character I wouldn't normally cosplay.
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I badly want to do a female Deadpool, just to run around the con, photobombing people and screaming "BOOOBIIEEEESSS" when I see a sexy costume. I just love Deadpool.

And Draven. Female Draven, but keeping the mustache. Obviously.
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Im doing my first genderbended cosplay soon and the reason I'm doing it is because well, Rin Matsuoka is usually shown shirtless. Now, I'm quite gifted if you get my drift so binding is not an option so, I gender bended him. Yes, there's different costumes of his I could do but if I love him the most in his Samuzuka jacket and swimming trunks, why sacrifice it? Because I can't wear open shirt? And no matter if it's skimpy or not, gender bended cosplay is GREAT.
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