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Unread 03-26-2012, 10:55 PM   #1
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Red face My first ever Homestuck troll cosplay

Okay, so I guess I'm a little in over my head here, but I decided...just today, in fact...that I want to do a Karkat costume for a con I'm going to in June. While I've spent the day looking up tutorial after tutorial and finding many great results, I still have a few questions. Suppose I'll get to those now.

1. The body paint. I found a great tutorial on troll paint and have bookmarked it as well as sites where I can obtain my supplies. Unfortunately, it only really covered the face. As Karkat, I'll have a long sleeved shirt, but what about my hands? Are they as simple to paint as the face, or are they more complicated? How well does it stay on? Should I really avoid touching things as much as possible? I'm kind of a hands on person...

2. Nails. I think I've found most troll nails to be yellow, but I've seen black and otherwise. What should I go with for Karkat? Should I even bother to paint my nails at all? Also, if I do paint them, do I use nail polish or another type of paint? Does it go on before or after I paint my hands troll gray?

3. Little details. How important are the little details? I mean things like yellow contact lenses, fake fangs, pointy ears, etc. Do they really make or break the costume, or are they just good for that extra "oomph"? I wanna do good, but I dunno how far I can take the costume before it becomes a hassle. I for one am worried about contact lenses. I'm not confident in myself to wear them gracefully. As for teeth, should I go for a whole row of fangs, or should I just keep my canines pointy? And ears...what would work best for painting them do you think to keep the skin colors consistent?

I think that covers most of my questions and fears. XD Any tutorials you can throw my way would be great too, just to make sure I've covered them all. Thank you in advance. :3
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Unread 03-27-2012, 09:58 AM   #2
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Hands. Just apply like u do with face make up. Watch out for it though!
I prefure BEN NYE Cream Based make up for spring/summer conventions since it wont run as much. Use baby powder after applying.

Nails. I have seen them yellow like their eyes.

Yes paint your ears to. Anything that will show cover it.

Fangs are optional and contacts again optional. I think both are a waste of time and money for it. But that's my opinion. Contacts are tough because well the trolls eye is completely yellow other then the centre/pupil. So it doesn't matter.

Honestly; troll AKA Homestuck cosplay's are probably the most simple thing to do and construct. Especially Karkat.

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Unread 03-27-2012, 11:02 AM   #3
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Thanks for the advice. I'm more reassured I can do this now. XD
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this was all covered already but i wanted to say hi and stuff and also just add more input :33

if you're using ben nye i have to say that powder and final seal will be your holy homestuck cosplay deities. i'm assuming you're using hanyaan's tutorial so you probably know that already.
what happened at otakon was that it did rub off my hands a little. keep your makeup with you in a bag or something, for touchups. if it comes off anywhere just touch up in the bathroom whenever. o u o
it probably won't come off though, for my nepeta cosplay i applied it once at 7:30 in the morning and it did not budge at all until i had to scrub it off at 1AM!

nails: paint them yellow before the gray, probably the night before the con so you know it'll be dry in time. normal nail polish! and remember to apply it in a lot of thin coats as opposed to one super thick coat; it would smear less.

finishing touches:
man yellow contacts are totally optional. especially the sclera contacts that cover your whole eye oh my god those things are like $250 per lens, it's definitely fine if you don't have them don't even worry!
for karkat if you really really want all the pointy teeth there are two options: using tooth black to black out the corners of each tooth so it looks like a point instead of a normal square tooth shape, i've seen people do that and it looks pretty good. a second option is to buy a full-mouth thing like this, which i've also seen used, but these are by far much more pricy.
of the two i'd suggest tooth black because it looks good and it's much cheaper, but again, it's totally optional; you can choose one or the other or neither and your cosplay will still look great! o u o

ears: yeah just cover them with some more of the same makeup :3

have fun~
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Thank you so much. XD This is really helpful.
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