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Unread 04-08-2012, 01:06 PM   #1
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Good Ebay Wig Sellers?

Hello, I want to know are there any eBay sellers that you particularly purchase wigs from? I wanted to know because I've ordered two wigs from eBay and one was great and one was terrible. I want to try and stick with a trusted seller that I know can provide good wigs. ^_^

Also if you know any other wig sellers - you can tell me about those too.

Thank you if you reply to this.
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Unread 04-08-2012, 07:15 PM   #2
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I'm new to cosplay and had to do a lot of research for what wigs to purchase. I started off with one suggestion from a more advanced cosplayer and then did some more browsing and checked up on sellers feedback. In the end I went with a different seller than my friend provided when I saw this particular seller had barely any negative feedback aside from shipping issues with other types of items (6 months ago mind you). Their feedback on the wigs seem positive. I'll post both links: - seller I went with - recommendation
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Unread 04-08-2012, 07:34 PM   #3
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I usually get my pre-styled character specific wigs here

The shipping is fast, and the wigs arrive as pictured/described. I have gotten two wigs from them and have been pleased with both. The wigs are great quality for the price, however they are not heat resistant. A rule of thumb for e-bay sellers is to check their reviews and their return policies in case there are any issues. I usually stick with top rated sellers in general.

As for a non e-bay seller I've heard Arda Wigs gets stellar reviews.

Most of the wigs I've seen on there are heat resistant and therefore much easier to style for a specific character. There's a huge variety of styles and colors to choose from, a lot of the time their wigs will have examples of real cosplayers wearing the wigs showing how versatile they are. I plan on getting a wig from them soon myself just because of all the good stuff I've been hearing about them.
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Unread 04-08-2012, 08:29 PM   #4
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I've purchased from Cosplay-Wig. I would definitely buy from them again if I can't find a specific color from my new favorite wig place... (Arda Wigs. Of Course.)

But back to Cosplay-Wig. The longer wigs get a little bit thin, which is my only reservation -- but I imagine this would be the same with most/all sellers. However, the shorter wigs are great. The fibers are soft (I almost didn't want to sell my last wig from them I didn't need because of this) and the fibers are heat resistant. The shipping takes about 3 weeks or more, which is just fine since shipping is free from China. (Usually one would pay $15 for shipping /and/ it would take at least three weeks to arrive.)
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Unread 04-09-2012, 05:40 PM   #5
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Yeah, I'll mention Cosplaywig again, because when I'm looking for a wig, they're always the first place I check. Initially, I didn't like them; the first wig I bought their was a very long one, and because of that, it tangled really easily, and now it's unusable... :| But I ended up buying two other wigs from them later on, and they're great. I have a pink, chest-length, kind of curly wig from them and it's beautiful, doesn't tangle at all. I also have a short black wig from them which is pretty great too.

Another good Ebay store I've used is Charissa Kids. I bought a long white wig from them. I thought it was going to be chest-length but it ended up being butt-length, it tangled easily, but I cut it to chest-length and now it's a lot more well behaved. My sister has a short wig from them and it seems nice too.
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CosplayProfessional - My friend uses this one
WigFashion - We used this one for Benson and Rigby
WigShop2012 -Got my Shui (Lamento) wig here AND IT IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGgg.

Also Arda but emeghgh
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A lot of the Chinese wig sellers on eBay stock the same wigs as this store ->

I've had no trouble with them, and they're a lot cheaper than eBay. But, they don't notify you about payment being received or when your wigs have been shipped. The wigs just arrive one day out of the blue.

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WigFashion. All the way <3
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Cosmonde. I got a South Italy Wig from them and it looked pretty close to the photo. It even came with a little poseable ahoge. I plan on buying a few more wigs from them when I can.
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