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Unread 03-28-2012, 01:45 PM   #1
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Helpful tips or advice?

Hello, I'm known as Fayina and I'd like to get some advice/pointers/support for weight loss and toning up.

I'm a sophomore at college and live on campus. I have access to a gym/rec center but I'm also on a meal plan, though my university does have plenty of healty options to choose from.

I've started going to the gym 5 days a week, Sun-Thurs, with four of those days participating in group exercises. Mondays are ab/core workouts, Wednesday is Pilates, and Tuesday and Thursday are Kickboxing. Sunday is generally a free exercise day for me.

Meal-wise, I tend to eat salads and sandwiches either on whole wheat or twelve grain bread with a side of fruit. I'm cutting back on soda (almost rid of it entirely) and including more water. I also get fruit smoothies frequently as well.

I mainly want to know if my workout plan is a good one and what more I could do or do differently. A lot of weight is in my abdomen and thighs though I could benefit from overall fat loss and toning up so I'm less......jiggly... Also, tips on diet would be greatly appreciated as well, especially for when I go home for the summer and eat differently as a result. (I'll try and convince my parents to buy healthier groceries, though I can't guarantee it'll happen.) I was debating on trying some type of body cleansing to rid it of impurities - is that a good idea?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!! I've said many times how I want to lose weight and tone up, but I'm really serious about it now!
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the thing about a cleanse and flush is you gotta pick the right one. It flushes your body, so its almost like starting fresh in a sense. A friend of mine lost 11 pounds in 10 days but it was a completely liquid diet. There are cleanse and flush pills you can buy, GNC or Supplement Superstore are the best places to ask questions about these. I quit soda completely when i started my diet, as well as drinking about 150 ounces of water a day, because i'm on -1 Db overdrive with Thyroblast, and the weight has started to melt. As for the whole college thing, i'm a junior so i feel your pain. Easiest thing you can do is make your own meals. I've started having my mom help me cook and measure meals for the week and putting them in tupperware in the fridge. That way even if she makes something i love, like homemade pizza, i have my meal set and ready to go. As for the working out thing, you sound like you have it set, cardio 20 min a day for 5 days a week and a little strength training for muscle tone is all i can advise.
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I think your diet and exercise regime is good, hopefully you'll keep it up. If the smoothie is pretty much all fruit and made for you right then and there, that's usually pretty good for you, but if it's a pre-made thing, it is probably not so much. Have you noticed any loss yet?

As for a cleanse, personally I do not like the idea of it because essentially you're just rushing what your body already does naturally.
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You can eat skinless chicken breast, steak, turkey, brown rice, potato, or fish.
Just a few things I eat most of the times. Wheat bread makes me insanely thirsty.
Not only that I just don't like it, I rather brown rice (Idk maybe because I'm Asian?).
Don't drink too much juice because they are high in sugar.
Try to eat a lot of lean meats, vegetables, and water (At LEAST 1 gallon).
Reason why I say that is because you work out. So your body needs
more water than an average person.
Working out with weights helps you burn extra calories AND tones out
your body. So do that with your cardio work out and you'll get great results.
Just a few tips to help you out. I'm pretty sure you know most of this, assuming
by what you wrote above.

Oh btw, don't ever limit yourself to a salad or a sandwich.
You'll crave for a lot of things! Just youtube some meals if you
don't know how to cook.
Other than that try keeping your meals balanced.
-Skinless Chicken Breast (Protein)
-Brown Rice (Complex Carb)
-Asparagus (Vegetable-Of-Choice)


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Thanks everyone. I'm getting so frustrated because it seems like I'm slowly building muscle, but the fat is still there. Plus I hear so many conflicting things related to food (no oranges or bananas if you want to lose weight, wheat causes bloating, etc) I just don't know what to eat anymore. It's like water and air are the only things that are good for you, and everything else is bad. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get my point.)

I understand about cooking my own meals, but all I have in my dorm room is a microfridge. I mean, I'm fine cooking once I'm home for the summer, but like I said - I'm on a meal plan for college and it makes sense to use it, right? It's not like I'm getting burgers or deep-fried foods all the time with it. (Almost never, in my case.)

The smoothies are made to order, though I consider the ones available at the rec center (they have a smoothie bar there) to be the healthiest choices compared to the ones made by the coffee shops on campus.
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Unread 04-01-2012, 01:02 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by 0nSilverWingsX View Post
Thanks everyone. I'm getting so frustrated because it seems like I'm slowly building muscle, but the fat is still there. Plus I hear so many conflicting things related to food (no oranges or bananas if you want to lose weight, wheat causes bloating, etc) I just don't know what to eat anymore. It's like water and air are the only things that are good for you, and everything else is bad. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get my point.)
If you're having self-consciousness issues, you can try keeping a weekly log of your progress. Don't just weigh yourself; measure various points on your body that you're trying to lose weight in coupled with weighing so you can get a more accurate idea of where you're heading. Taking a monthly progress picture is also a good idea as it can give you a visual depiction of your hard work. Stuff like that helps me to stay on track immensely and I am most definitely a quitter at heart. :]

As for food... People say a lot of things. "Meat is bad!" "Avoid all carbs!" etc. What you need to watch for is amounts and types. I'm sure you know that carbs aren't bad as long as they're used sparingly and in "whole" forms. Lean meats are great (the more protein, the better, generally). Fruits are sort of an interesting subject. A lot of people go on about them being sugary and you shouldn't eat too much when you're slimming down and whatever, but I've found that I tend to lose more weight when I eat fruit constantly between meals, regardless of the fruit (I also eat many different kinds, mainly bananas). If I get hungry, I eat a piece of fruit. That usually gets me for half an hour to an hour, then I chow down on some more. The natural sugars in there are much better than any processed stuff in soda or cake, so as long as you're not gorging yourself on fruit to the point of overeating (eat a piece or two and wait about 20 minutes and see if you're still hungry) you should be fine eating them. I've also read in various places that eating the peels and cores is very good for you in most cases. They're apparently much higher in antioxidants and such than the fruit inside, and they come without nearly as much sugar. I myself am currently looking into ways to cook banana peels to make them less...gross. They don't do me much good if I'm spitting them into the trash xD And no, I'm not a professional or anything, but I am going off of personal experience in my years of weight loss effort.
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Between my brother and I, we have a saying, "It's not the hours you put it, it's what you put in the hours."

Basically, if you're like our mother and go walk for 60 minutes, that won't help you much. You need to balance cardio and weight training (even if you want to slim down, building muscle really helps!)
Your diet sounds pretty balanced, but always, always, always keep in mind portion size.

Just my input.
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Thanks again for more replies. I've decided to start using a diet/exercise app on my tablet again to help me keep track of everything. It's rather handy.

I use weights with my kickboxing - they're not very heavy ones, but I think they still make a difference. I'll upgrade gradually as I go.

I actually dropped two pounds since I last weighed myself (sometime last week I think? Don't remember) but I'll start doing measurements as well.

I'm hoping that I'm starting to take back control of everything and that I can reach my goal. I was starting to get so frustrated and thinking that the only way I'd get anywhere was with a personal trainer or something.

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Just some tips :D

If you wanted to 'flush' out your system, first and foremost the obvious, water. Tea will also always have you running for the restroom. As for an overall 'flush' I've posted in the tummy help forum about colon cleansing. It's not just a one time thing, but it's actually important for your body to keep yourself free of fecal matter in your body.

Sorry if this sounds a little graphic, but it helps. If you go to your vitamin store you can pick up psyllium seed/husk and slippery elm bark. They come in pills so just take as directed and it should help. I take the psyllium husks in a powder and mix it with a drink o.O i just feel like I'm getting more out of it that way, you can find it at the vitamin store too, I break open the capsules of slippery elm and mix it in.

Your local health store should also have colon cleansing pills as well so you could always just buy those.

Now this is just a method that targets your belly area. If you have fat overall then you should seek other methods of getting rid of it. Colon cleansing also makes you poop a lot, this is because you are getting rid of what's in your colon, but don't fret, it comes out fast, so don't be embarrassed to go to the restroom. Again sorry if this is slightly graphic.

That's what i posted in the forum.

Other things you can easily do and helps in losing weight is eating regularly and sleeping regularly. You should be eating every 2-3 hours (not big meals though) and you should sleep and get up around the same time every day.

I'm a freshman in college, but I've gained weight like no other in the span of months simply because I don't eat at the same times and don't sleep at the same times. MY schedule is off course and wonky, due to work and classes.

Hope this helps
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