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Originally Posted by Pasiphilo View Post
Soul Eater's Blackstar and Death the Kid have got to be the most annoying characters I've encountered in any genre or story. Blackstar is just begging for a backhand to the face and Death the Kid's upsidedown pistol grip is the most utterly ridiculous affectation I've ever seen. Of course, this is the opinion of an old curmugeon who couldn't sit through more than 3 episodes of the show... but I might have if not for those two. XD
I actually forgot about that. They annoyed me very much as well. Their character flaws were so outrageous they were borderline unbelievable (leaving your partners in the middle of fighting undead mummies to fly back to NEVADA FROM EGYPT because you are worried a picture in the hallway might be crooked? REALLY Kidd?)

I'm glad I was able to shrug it off for a while because it gets to be a lot better and Soul Eater is simply a fantastic anime all around. Part of Soul Eater's awesomeness is in the wide variety of characters that seem to get a lot of screentime all around. It's about the main 3 partner combos a fair amount of the time, but the other characters like the witches and teachers and other weapons/meisters get a lot of attention too, so they are not annoying screen hogs nearly as much.
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Ichigo from tokoyo mew mew... I like her but her yells after Aoyama is soo FREAKING ANNOYING!
edit: sorry wrong threat. ^^;;;
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There are a few I find annoying Garin from Full Metal Panic (just die already), the president of the computer club from haruhi, i forget his name but the police officer cousin in summer wars.

None of these hold a candel to in my mind the king of annoying Hercule from DBZ. At first he was a little comical and it was fun to watch him get smacked but somewhere in between the 20th "it's a trick" and taking the credit for beating cell I grew to hate him.
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Unread 04-11-2012, 08:41 AM   #109
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Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler. Yes. I do find him to be rather annoying sometimes.

Ryoki Tachibana from the manga Hot Gimmick. Seriously? He tried to make Hatsumi his slave then falls in love with her. BUT before that he got jealous of her brother. It's confusing...but I love the manga overall.

...so far that's all I have ^^;; I know there's more but I just can't think of them all.
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Kaze Saffire
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1. Renji Abarai ( we get it. Your bankai sucks. Stop using it )
2. Vegeta ( never been a fan of his inferiority complex )
3. Itsuki Koizumi
4. Original Ash Ketchum ( Let's battle. Let's battle. Let's battle )
5. Tristan Taylor ( Insignificant tag a long )
6. Joey Wheeler ( His quest to prove himself 2nd/3rd best annoyed me to no ends )
7. Kazuma Kuwabara ( Only member of Team Urameshi I couldn't stand )
8. Chumley Huffington ( BOY was I glad when he left after season 1 of Yugioh GX )
9. Haseo ( so damn emo in the anime )

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basically any male characters that steal away my waifu(s) >.>
*curses araraghi-kun*
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