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Who Here Has Worked With Chiffon?

I'm making a dress that has like 10 yards or so of chiffon, and I have never worked with it before. Any tips and suggestions about how to work with it?

Thanks in advance
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Take your time with it! Chiffon loves to fray and mess up easily. To keep that from happening, cut it with pinking shears and then either French seam or serge all your seams. That will hold it together much nicer. As for the hems, I would either do a serged rolled hem or hem it by hand. I know that can take forever, but it will be worth it in the end.
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If you're using artificial fiber chiffon (Polyester) you can sometimes seal the edges but using a hot knife (Basically a heated X-acto blade) to cut it out, or using a lighter on the edges to seal it.
The plastic will melt on itself and created a clean edge and keep the fray away.

another tip I've found that helps, if you fear the flame... after placing your pattern down, use fray check on the fabric, laying it in the outline of the pattern, and allow it to dry before cutting out the pattern, this will help keep it from fraying before you even cut it out.

Also a set of Serrated scissors (blades are alot like steak knives) help keep the chiffon from slipping when you cut it out, if you have anyone you know who owns a pair I would say you might see if you can borrow them they can run a little expensive.

If you don't have a serger you can also zigzag stitch aka Satinstitch the seams and hem to keep them clean. Depending on the look you're going for.
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When cutting large areas of chiffon you can sandwich it between sheets of paper to keep it from shifting all over the place as it is wont to do.

I second the recommendation for rolled-hem. Serging can work nicely but some chiffons will shred at the edge when you try to serge them, especially if you're doing a circle.
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If you can get ahold of one, a rolled hem foot as fan-freakin'-tastic for finishing chiffon and other light, airy fabrics. It will give you a really clean, finished hem without all the hand-work and pressing. I like using a 1/8" rolled hem foot on fabrics like this. It's easy to handle and makes it almost invisible.

Also consider french seams as much as possible. It will ensure you very thin, finished seams that will not fray.
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Here's a short blog on hemming chiffon: http://vpll1912project.org/2012/03/24/chiffon-hem/
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I've just made a few circle skirts and circle-skirt esc sleeves and I hand hemmed all the ends, rolled it over double and slip stitched along it and pulled it tight, it gave a really nice ruffled effect the tighter I pulled it, but you can leave it loose-ish if you don't want that... other ideas people gave me were a bead of hot glue along the edge smoothed out before it dried, or clear nail polish...
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If what you are working with is real chiffon. Then this trick with work. Sew on the every edge with a zig-zag stitch and the fabric with fold itself and make a beautiful hem with would you having to do any ironing or pinning. BUT this only works with honest to god real chiffon, organza, tulle, crepe will not work and it will look ugly!! I have done this before and it will work trust me.
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