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Unread 05-29-2012, 07:45 AM   #1
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Would I enjoy Fan Expo?

Hey Everyone!

I've been attending Anime North since 2008 and love the con more than anything. I've never been to Fan Expo before, however, I'm strongly considering it now to help fill the gap between now and AN 2013 haha.

My current view of Fan Expo is that it is more corporate run, more big name guests, and obviously features more than just anime/otaku culture. I like AN because it's more anime oriented, has a large family/community feel, and the location is great (lots of outdoor time) compared to Fan Expo which is smack in the downtown of Toronto. Fan Expo is also a lot more expensive.

I guess what I'm looking for is input/experiences from those of you who've been to both conventions. I'd primarily go for the anime and gaming aspects of it.

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Gaming is HUGE there so you won't be disappointed. I general had no interest in Fan Expo until i decided to go once year for the one day (Nobody Dancer costume in tow.)

AN is #1 in my book but the vibe in general at Fan Expo I enjoy in a different way. The only shitty year I had was the lock down of 2010 because they over sold tickets to a smaller location (North building). Overall I found it more chill less crazy as the crowd seems more mature about thing and their are a number of older fans going to it.

To me it's worth it because I really caters to all Fans where are Wizard World doesn't really have the Gaming, Horror and Anime aspects I like about FanExpo.

Also the fact that it's downtown Toronto make it easier to get to for me as an out of towner. I have to pay for a hotel (which are more expensive but the con rate helps.)

I really recommend checking out for one day and it make it less expensive to try the con out.

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I've been to both Anime North and Fan Expo.
AN twice and FE once, this'll be my second time.

I personally prefer Fan Expo, because there is so much more than just anime.
I've wandered away form it in the last few years, so Fan Expo is perfect for me,
as I'm back into comic books and gaming. SciFi is a plus too.

If you feel the need to close the gap between now and next years AN, I'd suggest going, even if only for one day.
That way, you can say you've been and make your own decision on how Fan Expo is. o:
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Unread 06-05-2012, 03:31 PM   #4
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I didn't enjoy my first time going to FanExpo.. but I'm hoping my second time going will be BETTER!!! Gotta get my costume done soon!
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Unread 06-05-2012, 07:22 PM   #5
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I have been going to both Anime North and FanExpo since 2004. There are different animals really, anime north is fan-run so their focus isn't on profitability. On the other hand, Hobby star (the ppl running FanExpo) are in it for the $$$$.

The shopping is larger at FE, the guest are big names (but usually you have to pay a fee to meet them or get anything signed), and the geekdom is more well-rounded. Horror fans to SciFi can feel at home.
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Unread 06-05-2012, 08:30 PM   #6
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Fan Expo is really one giant dealers room in my eye. I have been twice and don't really have an inclination to go back since I don't go to cons to shop.

I'd rather go to a gaming convention like PAX.
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Unread 06-05-2012, 09:08 PM   #7
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I've been going to both conventions since 2002, they've both grown exponentially in that amount of time, but anyways, Fan Expo, does cater to more genres than Anime North, how ever it is more expensive. If you simply like just Anime than stick to cons like ConBravo and Con G, are two good ones that may help hold you over until next Anime North.

However, I will suggest you try going to the con for one day. I would go on the Friday (or Sunday), it starts on Thursday now so the vender's should know where they are at by friday, as well as the fact that it won't be as slammed pack as it can get on it's major day (Saturday). There is plenty of grassy area's around the convention centre that will give you good lighting and hang out space.

I personally enjoy more panels at Fanexpo than at Anime North, because they get professionals, rather than volunteers that know 'a bit' of what they are trying to give you insight on.

TLTR: just want anime stuff go to Con Bravo/Con G, But try going one day this year to Fan Expo, you might like it.
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I agree with sticking to other conventions if you're more in anime, and the fact that a large part of it is a dealer's room. However, I love this convention because I find that I can just chill out and talk with more people. It's probably better for you if you're into more genres than just anime, but I really enjoy going every year and talking with other fans : P I don't do much shopping...I just walk around, hang out with people, and talk haha! Some of my friends don't like how big or crowded it is...so avoid Saturday if you don't want a huge crowd. Other than that, I definitely think you should go atleast one day! It'll atleast give you a chance to cosplay and geek out : )
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Unread 06-07-2012, 01:41 PM   #9
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In my opinion, Fan Expo is a bit sketchy. Since the big lockdown in 2010, the convention has really lost a lot of it's normal yearly attendies, a lot of them whom are my friends. I'd say go for one day and AVOID SATURDAY. Saturday is the most crouded and jumbled day of Fan Expo and there always seems to be crowding issues. Try Friday or Sunday.
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The lockdown was the fire marshal call but really Hobbystar should have stop selling tickets at that point in the day as they new the north building could not house anymore people. Actually a attendance Cap should be implemented.

I agree about the panels flash1616. I like diversity of them I like hear from actions and industry people. The Lost Girl panel last year was great!

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Unread 06-17-2012, 07:50 AM   #11
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I've been going to to Fan Expo since 2007 and Anime North since 2008. I've always preferred Fan Expo over Anime North because of the location of the events, the atmosphere of the crowd, the diversity of activities and the overall feel of the dealers rooms.

Although I live out of town the location of Fan Expo is easier to get there once you are settled in your hotel. Hotel are very near each other and each year we hotwire a room. We use to get Motel 8 in Chinatown (for the free breakfast) but now we usually stay at the Sheraton hotel only having to walk 5 minutes (and it's a lot cheaper than the con rates).

The con is all in one building except for parties and such. I love that I don't have to go out in the boiling sun to have fun. Everything is a little walk away. And boy I notice at AN most of your time is spent walking around to the next event rather than going to events. This con I find I have more time to fit activities if I need to. Downside is bigger events have lineup earlier between and hour or two in advance.

The crowd in general is a lot more mature at Fan Expo. People still act like geeks and have a great time but because of the price tag it limits a lot of people who go to AN usually. It just nice to go to a con and not be afraid of getting glomped or hearing random profane or weird memes everywhere. Im sure it happens but I find less at FE.

I'm not that big of an Anime fan anymore, I love sci-fi now! So FE is better for that too. If you like gaming, horror, comic book or sci fi you will have a good time. I compare this con to comic con for non-con people I know. The events are more current, less fan run panels (maybe steampunk and lolita)

The dealers room is always massive and has a lot of freebies. Like photobooths, free posters, free knick knacks ect. It's quite fun sometimes. Last year they had free star wars mask/fan so everyday I would collect them There's also free photo booth where the photoshop you in movie posters and such. It really depends of where you are but you can get some pretty cool stuff. I got a free Hunger Games book, tshirt & mockingjay pin because i told the booth girl how happy I was they had HG posters and she told me they were given away prize packs and told me how I could get one

The guest are usually a lot better too! Before I noticed a lot of people would cancel and I remember the first con I went for only 1 guest and he cancelled. So just make sure there more than just 1 thing or 1 person you want to see otherwise you might be dissapointed.

The crowds are big compared to AN! One thing that I noticed last year though, the crowd dispersed a lot more and a lot earlier because of the added day. People weren't afraid of leaving the con because there was still 4 days to do everything you needed to! A trick I learnt was to do things backwards. Have your supper at 3-4 and by the time you come back on Saturday everyone is going to eat supper.

I hope this helps. And I hope I made my reasoning clear enough as to why I like FE over AN. Everyone has a different preference.
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Unread 06-20-2012, 03:37 PM   #12
Gohan Som
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I've been going to anime north since 2009 and I went to fan expo last year. I agree with what most of the other people said in that there is more diversity at fan expo and better guests. Overall the only complaint that I have is that due to the location it is not as open as anime north. At AN you can walk around all over the place in your cosplay and no one will say anything but at Fan Expo as soon as you turn around the street corner you feel like an outsider immedietly. It really felt like more of an underground "we are fans but don't tell anyone" kind of event. I would say do what everyone else is suggesting. Go for a day and see how you like it and if you do you can plan to go for the whole thing next year. I plan on going for a single day this year Friday most likely.
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Unread 06-20-2012, 07:04 PM   #13
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I've been going to Fanexpo since 1999, and anime North since 2003.. I prefer fanexpo sooo much more. It's better organized, and the fans are much more mature. The guest list is better too..
I also enjoy being in an air conditioned building, rather than baking outside in the sun. As for events and stuff, I never go to them, so I have no idea.. I just like buying stuff, and fanexpo wins there too.. Much larger and more diverse dealers room.
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Unread 06-20-2012, 09:32 PM   #14
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I've been going to both AN and Fan Expo since 1999 and I prefer AN now. While I am also a huge fan of all the other kinds of geekery, I find it's much too corporate for me now. The last 4 years or so feels like a pure money grab. I Feel the anime programming in particular has suffered since the merger. It used to be much much bigger. Though I admit I'm not one who cares for celebrities and all that. Although the year the Crypt Keeper got into the controll room was hilarious. I'm more of a go with the flow person in for silly fun and hang outs. I prefer AN's sense of community. I'm a geek you're a geek lets hang. I never really got that out of Fan Expo.
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I really haven't enjoyed Fanexpo since it became Fanexpo. I miss the CNA days. Tooo many people.....too much BS.
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