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So a lot of this is just fighting. Yeah.

I'm a bartender in the USA so tipping is expected since the typical service job is paid below minimum wage. Example: when I was a cocktail waitress, the minimum wage in my state was $7.25/hour. We were paid $2.35/hour to cover taxes that came out of our paychecks. Every time I pour a drink, I do expect at least a dollar tip. If a customer orders a martini, frozen drink, muddled, or drink that takes up more than the usual amount of time and effort than a normal drink, I expect at least two dollars. Please keep in mind that I work at a higher end but not a fancy-smancy bar and those types of drinks usually run $10+ per drink. Because of the establishment I work at, I do expect a decent tip.

For example, a customer ran a tab of over $300 because he bought Long Island Iced Teas and Jager Bombs for him and all his friends. Those drinks take some effort in preparing and I do take pride in only ever having one complaint of all my drinks (a blonde girl complained her LIIT was too strong) so I make sure that everyone is happy with their drinks when I have time to. On that $300+ tab, he tipped me $10. That is less than 10% and none of his friends tipped me. Yes, I got a lot of compliments that my drinks were good and that I was a sweet bartender but all the compliments in the world cannot help pay my bills. The sad thing is that some of his friends told him to tip me well, his guy friends pushed him to tip me more. Even though he told them he would, he ended up not leaving a penny more. No, he was not severely intoxicated. He was still walking straight, not slurring, and was able to count out his tab exactly without help or pausing to think before he tipped me. It's people like this that enrage me. It also enrages me when people tell me I've given them the best customer service they've had in a long time then leave nothing on a $60 tab.

The tipping policy in the USA is in place because servers and people working in the industry make their living off of it. Servers typically get paid below minimum wage, are expected to deliver the best service possible, and be grateful for tips less than what is considered acceptable when they're scraping by.

End of my rant.
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Oh look I agree with Kildread.

You want good tips? Work at a strip club, as a waiter, no seriously. My step mom was a waitress at one, her tips would be in the hundreds of dollars on a good day. I said DAY, not WEEK, it's the sad truth.
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Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
Oh look I agree with Kildread.
The world stopped spinning for a moment until it realized it wasn't that big of a deal.

Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
You want good tips? Work at a strip club, as a waiter, no seriously. My step mom was a waitress at one, her tips would be in the hundreds of dollars on a good day. I said DAY, not WEEK, it's the sad truth.
I don't think working in a strip club, even as a simple waitress is for everyone.


But they do indeed make obnoxious amounts in tips, strangely enough. So long as you take account there's a lot more iffy behavior to deal with.
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Dang, Arc. I should be a waitress there. My respectable govt job can't offer me that!

To be honest, I would rather food at restaurants be raised in price and have a no tipping rule so waitresses/waiters can get paid a fair wage instead of rely on tips. It would also cut the issues where the place is understaffed and therefore slow or the cooks make mistakes. Someone working wouldn't have to suffer for those faults.

I mean, I know some people prefer tips and do very well because of tips. However, it would make things less awkward for me. I paid a bill of $20 yesterday and gave a $4 tip. My friend had the same amount on her bill and left a $2 tip on her receipt. I was really hoping the woman assumed *I* was the one who left the better tip...
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I know what you talk about tips, and here's a hint, some companies even though you put the tip on the credit card slip either won't honor it, or the waitress won't recieve it. If your going to tip carry cash. I carry cash for this very reason.

The only reasons why I don't tip well, or at all is if the person is down right rude, lazy, and inconsiderate. Just the other day I didn't give a tip to a guy because all his co-workers were busting their butts and he was leaning on the wall. One was on the phone, and helping guests in the resturant at the same time. The other two were bussy cooking and the teen wouldn't leave his spot then proceeded to groan when he was told to move it and help me. I'll give the other guys a tip later, I know I'll see em again.

I give really big tips to attentive service people, or if I know a friend is going to screw em over.
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Unread 06-27-2012, 12:57 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
You want good tips? Work at a strip club, as a waiter, no seriously. My step mom was a waitress at one, her tips would be in the hundreds of dollars on a good day. I said DAY, not WEEK, it's the sad truth.
Not all strip clubs have female bartenders or have the needs to have a waitress... a topless cafe, yes. Strip club...not really likely.

Now being a stripper also depends on location and season at times too. If you're in California, New York, Neveda and FL, then yes, you'll probably make some good bank on a regular basis. Keep in mind that even the adult industry is suffering. Not to mention stripping isn't for everyone. You have to be confident, you have to be comfortable with yourself and you have to hustle. Not to mention, it's a tad more dangerous (there have been girls who were abused [yes, it as quickly taken care of], fights between girls, fights between customers, fights between cops and customers, arrests to be made, stalker issues, etc) and you have to deal with the majority of the stupid bitches who are single-mother coke heads (sorry, but that stereotype is in fact, true - but there was a small percent who were intelligent and going to college and what not). Strippers have a tip out too, they tip out the DJ, the bartender, the bouncers and the manager/owner (for the stage/house fee). I'm sure the strip clubs are doing alright these days, but back when snow-pocalypse hit in 2009...2010ish in the tri state area, the clubs were DEAD. And every night, I listened to every girl bitch about her tips, because honestly they were less than $100 after working from 4pm-4am because there were like 3 customers who walked in the door the entire night and 12 girls on shift. Just like restaurants, when it's dead, it's dead and when it's busy, it's BUSY. You can't tell when a night will be busy, aside from the usual Friday and Saturday. And believe me, there were still some dickwads who wouldn't tip. Some clubs had a rule where if you sat at the stage, you HAVE TO TIP and other clubs didn't. And if they didn't and the place you worked at gave a shit, the bouncer will talk to the guy for you and if he still refuses to tip, he gets asked to leave. Seriously there were nights where the DJ made more bank because guys kept requesting songs and would pay him just for that.

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