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Anime Central 2012 : Feedback Thread

This thread is for posting your thoughts/opinions on ACEN 2012!

From your experience this year, what were the pros and cons? What were the highlights and lowlights? Would you return again next year?

Also, you can discuss the particulars of the convention, such as the events, panels, masquerade, dances, etc., as well as what you thought about the con and hotel staff, the hotel, convention space, food, dealer's room, attendees, and whatever else pertaining to this year's Anime Central!

Remember to make your commentary polite and keep things civil!

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Mikomi Hatake
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I was glad that IRT were manning the Hyatt elevators this year. I got stuck in one a few years back and had a panic attack, so it was nice to see them trying to prevent the jammed elevators.

There was one overly rude 'staff' member, Chad Adams. He was just flat out ignorant and I don't think his behavior was appropriate at all.
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1) I would like for exhibit hall only registration option next year. Other conventions have done this with much success, and really the exhibit hall is where I spend the majority of my time.

Please consider this for next year, or better yet, just open up the exhibit hall to the general public. Some people may not like the idea of having to pay to spend money at the merchants. That would really benefit the merchants and exhibitors, and encourage them to come back year after year.

Please allow for people to pre-reg for one day. I would like the option to buy a Friday or Saturday only pre-reg.

2) Through my trips back and forth through the hamster tunnels, there were WAY too many people stopping for pictures, and blocking traffic. Although, it should be common sense that stopping for photos in the tunnels is a bad idea, something probably needs to be said/done about this.
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Overall Acen was great! huge venue, well run events despite the crowds (outside of canceling the end of the masquerade for some reason...), and fair badge/prop checking. No real rule nazis out there.


The Crystal Ball was a joke. That was less a formal ball and more a mini rave. The music was techno/dubstep/top 40.

I emailed them, "Would school uniforms that have blazers and slacks (Ouran HS, Clannad, Melancholy etc) be acceptable in the ball?"

They responded, "As to your attire question, I do have to inform you that school uniforms are not considered as acceptable formal attire for the dance."

Yet there were loads of school outfits allowed in. That could have been me dammit lol!

They should not charge money for that event, especially if they don't at least cater it.

If Acen organizers want to see how a cosplay ball is done right, they should check out Anime Weekend Atlanta's formal ball.

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Unread 07-08-2012, 06:57 PM   #5
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I just wished that they took better care of the guest autograph. I wen to go meet LM.C and no one in the line knew that you had to buy their CD in order to get an autograph. I saw people with books and I found this so not fair. I was also not very pleased with one of the IRT in charge of the LM.C and Vic line, yelling at us to get into a darn old straight line or else she'd kick us out.

Also, this is something that I'd like to say, please please please do not hold up rave parties in the middle of the entrance way because it is actually dangerous.
This also goes for hotel stayers because a lot of my friends who stayed at the hotel were pissed since the room next to them were playing dubstep music. I feel like the hotel managers should take care of this which they didn't apparently and now I'm considering if I should get a hotel room or not.

I decided to not attend ACen 2013. Money and school.
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