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When to throw out color contacts?

I am completely new to contact lenses because I don't wear them. So essentially I'm a dummy when it comes to care.

I bought a pair of red lenses in May 2010, and only wore them about 4-5 times total. I replaced the solution every time I opened the case.

Today I opened them after forgetting about them for a year or so. I tried them on and the contact in my left eye felt fine, but the contact in my right eye bothered me a lot. I'm pretty sure it was in correctly. My solution was long expired, so I used a new bottle of solution and put them back in the case. I don't want to throw them away because, well, they were $50...

are my lenses done for?
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Whoooa. That's two years old. Where did you buy them from? They usually have an expiration date either on the website (like it'll say for one year use) or bottle.

Most contacts lenses have an expiration date for one year. Gee most contacts in GENERAL don't even last that long. I'm sorry to say, but you might just have to throw them away. I'm sorry if you see it as a waste of $50 dollars, but contacts aren't the kinds of things you can keep forever and ever (as far as I know anyway).
At two years, I would personally just throw them away to be safe. But if you want to try and risk it.. Continue soaking them and try them again I guess. ._. If they are hurting your eye, take them out. Check if there's anything on the actual lens. Check if there's an eyelash poking your eye. If there's nothing, then it's most certainly time to throw it away. Sometimes the tiniest nick or tear in a lens will drive your eye crazy.
Tore just a tiiiiny bit of the edge of my regular lenses. Thought "Oh it's so small. It won't matter. Yeaaah. My eye said "nopenopenope"

If you decide to go with a new pair, circle lenses are cheaper (but are just as safe): http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Default.asp
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Two years for a standard cosmetic lens is definitely pushing the limit, even though you have only worn them a few times. Theoretically while the lenses are stored/not being worn, you switch the solution weekly, I know many people do not do this but that is the ideal which prevents buildup etc. as cases are not 100% airtight. That said, most of the cosmetic lenses are made with 6 month or 1 year replacement in mind.

There are some contact lenses that are made for 3 year cycles but those tend to be custom-made and are much more than $50. My regular lenses are $250/pair but are 3 year lenses and I understand that if you go for custom/theatrical lenses that made from a place like 9mmsfx are also 3 year lenses.

To be safe, I would toss them and start over. Your eye health is worth more than that and if there is an issue with that right lens you do not want to put it back into your eye. Recovering from problems will cost more than $50 and or a new pair of lenses. There are plenty of places to get new lenses [check the stickies at the top of this forum] and they need not cost $50. Most lenses are in the $20-30.
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