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Unread 09-04-2012, 01:46 PM   #31
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Looking for pics of me and my friends. We cosplayed Elektra, Blade, Serah from FFXIII-2, and Captain America from the first Avengers.


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Unread 09-04-2012, 02:54 PM   #32
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Friday: Avatar's Zuko(S3), Mulan's Li Shang at night

Saturday: Legend of Korra's Mako for the parade and afternoon, Avatar's Zuko(s3) at night

Sunday: Avatar's Zuko(Tea Shop)


tag me!
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Unread 09-04-2012, 05:12 PM   #33
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Hey if any of me is found plz pm me.
Friday - Akuma, Bane
Saturady - Bane (movie hybrid), Chef
Sunday - Juggernaut

Dragon*con 2012 -
Friday - Akuma
Saturday - ?
Sunday - Juggernaut
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Unread 09-04-2012, 05:17 PM   #34
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Friday: My Little Ponies of the Apocalypse, War and Death pony. As war I was in a giant red/black/yellow feather mohawk with a chainmail bra and a giant claymore and death wore all black with her face painted like a skeleton.

Saturday: Girly versions of Dr. Who #6 and #10. As #10 I had a little brown pinstripe dress on with the typical cream colored converse shoes and #6 had a bright, rainbow umbrella as a prop.

Sunday: Burlesque Catwoman and Harley Quinn. As Catwoman I had a long, black bustle on and Harley had a black and red tutu with a giant, shiny red mallet. We also both wore little top hats!

~Not all those who wander are lost~
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Unread 09-04-2012, 05:23 PM   #35
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Hi everyone!
Looking for pictures of me as Merida on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I was with a group with Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and an Elvira.
If you took my picture I would love to see them! Please PM me and let me know a name or tag to credit the photo with
Thank you in advance! Oh, and my avatar was taken before leaving my room on Friday night of con, so it can be used as reference to distinguish my big dumb face.
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Unread 09-04-2012, 06:12 PM   #36
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I was Starbuck (BSG) all weekend, double tanks during the day and flightsuit at night and during the parade.

Also would love to find some shots of my boyfriend in his white N7 (Mass Effect) armor (he was one of two I saw in white armor - his has green accents) and my two friends in their Fallout vault suits (they were the ones with the plasma shishkebab and rebar club).


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Unread 09-04-2012, 07:58 PM   #37
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I love playing this game! Fingers crossed. :3

Friday: Hipster Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron - only one there); Mouse (ReBoot - only one there I think; if not, the one with hair that lit up); Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics - the one with buckteeth)
Saturday: Loki (The Avengers; uhm... one of the shorter crossplaying ones. Non-armored version, with a scepter that lit up. Probably had the poofiest hair out of all the Lokis XD); Squire (DC Comics - think I was the only one there this year); Princess Buttercup (The Princess Bride, red riding dress) - also, if anyone has a photo of a Gambit with a black shirt with red trim and a light brown pleather jacket, I'd love to see them - my friend borrowed my Gambit costume so a legit guy could wear my pretty legit Gambit costume XD)
Sunday: George Weasley (Harry Potter; OR Hermione Granger depending on what people thought XD - basically a light redhead with shortish hair wearing Gryffindor robes, I was at the D.A. photoshoot and had quite a few photos taken in the Hyatt lobby while I was sitting reading a book, I'd love to see one of those); Squirrel Girl (yeah, again); Charlie Weasley (Harry Potter - super freckled short redhead with dragons and a burnt shirt); Steampunk (I had a long-sleeved shirt made of map-printed fabric, a brown vest over that with a blue vest over that, carrying my Loki scepter)
Metrocon - Chess: 2006-08; Masquerade 2006-12; Whose Line Host 2005-11; Interactive panel performer: 2008-12; 2009-14 Panel Coordinator, 2012-13 Fantasy Masquerade AD
Friday: Scootaloo (MLP:FiM), Darya "Dasha" Alkaev (Orlandia); Saturday: Dasha, Ryoko Mitsurugi; Sunday: Zubat (Pokemon Snap panel), Dasha
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Unread 09-04-2012, 09:03 PM   #38
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I'm looking for any pictures of my Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon, of course) and 'Cupcakes' Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena (aka 'Multi-Pony) and my brother's Slendermane/Slenderpony (both from My Little Pony). Reference pics here.
Thanks in advance!
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Unread 09-04-2012, 09:42 PM   #39
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Long shot, but I don't have a lot of time to comb through people's albums:
Friday: Natsuki (Summer Wars) bunny girl with red on top/blue hakama
Saturday: Pink Ugly Stepsister- I was mostly photographed as part of a large group of Disney villains
Buttercup, red dress. I was with a Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride)
Sunday: Merida (Brave) with crazy '80's hair. I was mostly hanging out with the historical costumed Belle, Aurora and occasionally Snow White
Jumpsuit Kaylee, with a Wash (Firefly). He had little dinosaurs and a blue hawaiian shirt.

If you have a photo, I'd appreciate a PM. I'll credit you in my albums!
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Unread 09-04-2012, 10:12 PM   #40
Zero Suit Samus
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I'm hoping there are some pictures of me from D*C this year! I know a lot of people stopped to ask for a picture, so hopefully some of you are here and will see this.

Thursday: Zero Suit Samus with plushie metroid
Friday: Pikachu kigu, wandering around with a Team Rocket member
Saturday: Zero Suit Samus with plushie metroid. I was with six other people dressed as Nintendo characters from Super Smash Bros.

Thanks for posting if you have any pics of me!
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Unread 09-04-2012, 11:22 PM   #41
demon slayer 5
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still don't know how to use this site argh!hoping to find a pic of my cosplay.Friday Viera Red Mage and Sat. Chibiterasu from cosplay isn't great but it's only my 2nd and 3rd.Thank you very much for your help and pic,sorry i'm very shy so i didn't ask wnyone when they took a pic!thanks again
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Unread 09-05-2012, 12:58 AM   #42
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Looking for...
Friday: Black Phoenix. I had the bright red curly hair with the crazy yellow/orange contacts.
Saturday: Cortana. I was fully body painted!
Sunday: Selene from Underworld. I was wearing the detailed coat, with the WaltherP99 pistols.
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Unread 09-05-2012, 03:02 AM   #43
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On Saturday evening I was Blackmau5 (Final Fantasy 1 Black Mage with Deadmau5 head). I didn't bring my DSLR down with me that evening so all I have so far is a pic from a friend's cellphone (my forum avatar).

I'm checking the flickr dc2012 group regularly, but if anyone here happened to take a photo of me I'd like to see it! Thanks
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Unread 09-05-2012, 08:56 AM   #44
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Hey guys!

I am currently looking for pictures of the Zelda Skyward Sword group. We had the Groose, which was warn everyday.

And, also the Persona 4 group! Let me know if you took any of us!

"Princess" Haru - The Cat Returns
Cole - Dragon Age Inquisition

Next costumes to be made:

* Zelda (OoT) - 25%
* Maria Renard (Castlevania) - 0%
* Cheria (Tales of Graces) - 0%
* Amelia (Slayers) - 15%
* Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi) - 0%
* Yuni (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) - 0%
* Heisuke Toudou (Fury Version/First Costume) - o%


My websites!
My Deviantart
My Etsy
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Unread 09-05-2012, 09:57 AM   #45
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My costumes (that there were pictures taken of):

Friday afternoon/evening - Steampunk Harley Quinn (corset and bloomers with "zap" gun)
Saturday evening - Irulan's Butterfly dress. I know there were two of us around that night, but there's a 50/50 shot you got me.

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