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Unread 08-20-2012, 09:49 PM   #1
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Advice? Trying to do dance skits right

I want to do dance skits. I entered this one at the animegacon masquerade. I'd like to know what was wrong and what could have made it better? Was it awkward? Did the plot convey itself at all? I'd love some feedback! Thanks!
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Unread 09-19-2012, 11:58 AM   #2
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0.0...what do you mean what was wrong? That skit was flawless!!! Me and my friends thought it'd been corny at first but it ended up leaving us in wow!

And the Mario solo dance...I was dying laughing! You should do more!!! I'm a big fan of you guys! ^.^
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Mmk, I loved that..That was the koolest thing I've ever seen....
Ok for the critique..
The ONLY thing I found wrong was that at the last song, after the armor one says "it's the DANCE note", in that dance it looked like all 3 on the left (my left) were too close to each other. This COULD be the angle of the camera but I don't know..But in the part where the 2 in the center fall down, the blue-ish guy is right in front of Tuxedo Mask. While the other side there is not this problem. Then at the end the same person goes back in front of the Team Rocket Grunt..Again, may be the camera angle..Other then that, The only thing is some of you weren't 100% in sync, but that's extremely hard so no points deducted there ^_^

Now on to the best parts for me..
I REALLY loved the Mario, Pokemon, and Sailormoon parts..Those were awesome!!
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Oh, hey! I remember you guys. I was also in the masquerade. XD I can't find anything flawed with your skit (yeah, very helpful). The whole thing was very effective and told the story well. I didn't see anyone in the contest that didn't enjoy it.
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Hmm. It looked okay to me. I'm not really sure what kind of award you guys were going for? That would help me suggest more. xD;

These are just the thoughts that came up in my mind. Dance skits are really tough to do, because you have to practice A LOT to make sure EVERYONE in the group is synced. I think the groups execution was decent, but they could have used more practice to make the run through look smoother. There were some parts where it looked off, like group members being late on the cues. Also there might be too many characters from different series in the skit? I would also suggest trying to add more to your skit, rather then just having it be purely a dance skit. Maybe add some action and comedy to set it apart from the other dance skits that are probably in the masquerade too. I hope this helps. x_x I've been in four masquerades myself, and my group has won four awards.

The audio for the skit was great! I really loved the bit with Tuxedo Masks cape "flying in the wind".
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Unread 10-02-2012, 03:07 PM   #6
Lilith Oya
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I thought this was awesome! As someone who has organized and executed a dance skit, I know how hard this can be!

I actually think that the change in music is part of the comedy. You had a spoken intro and a spoken punch line which explains all the silliness. It's hard to mesh characters and I like the approach you took. A lot of people do the, hey how do we get home? I know we should dance! And it makes no sense. Not that skits have to make complete sense, but the "story" you added explains the entire few minutes you're on stage!
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