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Alucard-Hellsing Critique Please

Reference: http://www.anime-gift.com/gallery/me...bfc396a36f.jpg

Costume: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/439578/

Construction: The costume its self was made by my girlfriend, member Pink_Panda, the guns and glasses were made by me. The boots and wig were purchased online, the sites and styles escape me, but I could probably find the information if anyone is interested.

As usual we waited until the last minute to start on our costumes even though we were set on Hellsing for our AWA 2012 costumes, so some things are very clear to us that we need to either fix or complete.
Known issues costume: -Cleaning up seams and further tailoring of red trench.
-Adding a faux cuff/buttons to the sleeves of the red trench.
-Adding a third button to the double breasted suit coat.
-Making the hat will come eventually, simply for completion purposes.
-Possibly adding a printed pattern lining with the demonic eyes that appear in the shadows that Alucard controls. As of now the lining is a black satin material.
-More for myself, but... loose weight. I'm too pudgy for Alucard's slender frame. >_<
Known issues guns: -Getting decals printed for the typeface on the sides. This was simply an issue of running out of time so the script was done hastily the night before the convention.
-Possibly thickening the guns, specifically at the slides, some people say they're too thin. When taking into account the ammunition the guns are supposed to chamber, I agree, however most reference pictures show the guns relatively thin. Even compared to normal pistols. I feel that this is a case of anime style vs real world accuracy...
-More detailed painting of the wood grain grips on Joshua.
-Even out the grip grooves on Joshua. As of now, the measurements are off and it bugs me...

With all that taken into account, please give me advise on some things I can work on to better portray everyone's favorite vampire. Thanks in advance.
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Amazingly detailed costume! The guns and fangs are also very very well done!
The only thing I'm noticing is the structure of the coat. The collar and shoulders of a real trench coat are usually lined with a thick,starched fabric so everything lies evenly, but your collar seems to be a bit soft and unlined. Also, adding a lining on the edges and waist seams will create a stronger shape, making it seem more polished and masculine. The trick with big costume pieces like the jacket, is it's best if it doesn't look "costumey". Alucard would be wearing this everyday, so it should be built sturdy, as if you just plucked it from the characters everyday attire.

As for the props, OH MY GOOOOD. THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL. I can tell you've taken special care in creating them. The craftsmanship shows. They're lovely, and honestly I think they're amazing as is.

The last thing, makeup,wig etc. It's quite well done, your fangs are great, as well as the contacts, and if you're wearing makeup, it's well done. If not, you have some very nice skin haha. The wig is well styled, although it looks a bit small on your head(this happens all the time with guys) causing your natural hair/sideburns to peek out. This can be fixed by either buying a larger wig or adding wig extensions to the sides and framing of the wig.

Other than those few details, this is an insanely good costume. And bro, don't sweat things too much. The things I'm mentioning are just small ideas, you look great as is. So be proud of this costume, and have fun!

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Thanks for the compliments and critiques.
As I said we have some further tailoring to do for the perfect fit on the trench. The collar is actually lined the same as the rest of the jacket and was made by folding over the portion you see and sewing a seem. I think... I'm terrible with anything regarding sewing so the terminology are probably wrong, and that may or may not have made sense...
I'll look into backing it with a heavier weight fabric.

No make-up was used. Just my naturally pale and sleep deprived face. Lol.

I wasn't even aware that they made different sized wigs, I had assumed they were a one size fits all type thing. Which picture are you referring to where my hair is sticking out? I hadn't noticed any.

Thanks again, my girlfriend and I are quite happy with how it all turned out, but there's almost always room for improvement.
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