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I've been noticing a wig addiction, myself lately. I've been looking for super cheap wigs that I can butcher in the name of learning (how to cut/style, etc), but I end up spending my money on nicer wigs that I'm afraid to try to style. lol.

I have five right now.

I have two super long silver/white wigs, both purchased for a particular cosplay but I didn't like the first one as much once it arrived. I may end up experimenting with the one unused white wig, just the bottom of the length so that it can still be salvageable if I mess up too bad. They are pretty much this wig, but one of them had no shortening of the bangs whatsoever. (This one, I cut the bangs into) http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/...selling033.jpg

I have one black wig that I purchased for Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho, though I can imagine that it's versitile enough that I can use it for other cosplays. It's a short base with the long sides cut into it, with an additional ponytail clip. http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/...MjVPqw60_3.jpg

I also recently bought this green one, on a whim. I want to cosplay Itsuki (from Yu Yu Hakusho as well), though I will probably only go through with it if I can find a Sensui to cosplay with. http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/...T-jkzT60_3.jpg

I also purchased a Sebastian wig from a user here. It came in perfect condition, by the way. I highly recommend user YumeKakera as a seller. Very nice and a responsible seller/shipper. http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/...astianwig1.jpg I plan to put together (hell, or even buy) a Sebby cosplay once my current ones are completed.

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Three wigs at home, two on the way.
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I counted about 35-40 give or take. I plan on ordering at least 2 more in the up coming weeks nun
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As of today, I only own two wigs. One I bought for my Mayuri Shiina cosplay, and the other for Vocaloid Meiko. Usually I don't buy a wig unless I have a particular character in mind.
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I think I have something like 14 or 15 wigs.
And I'm ordering one for December, along with the next 4 that I'll need for my 2013 cosplays.
A lot of the wigs I have are just ones that my sister bought for no reason. And they're just usual colours like black, brown, red, blonde...
My sister and I have a habit of looking up wigs on ebay and finding new wig stores online to look at!
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I only have 8 wigs, to be honest. ^^;

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Well, I have a few things that I classify as wigs but they're not "wigs."

Wigs as in what people classify as wigs, I have two; Ryuk and Rapunzel. Rapunzel's took forever to make (since it was a plain blonde wig when I got it) and so I'm really happy with it, and Ryuk's...well, it's a cheap costume store wig that I'm attempting to fix myself. I honestly do believe that with a little elbow grease, I'll get it perfect, but for now...well, you know.

What people don't consider wigs are my hat-esque wigs that I make myself; I have a Soul Eater one and a Luffy one. So, to me, they're wigs.
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