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Hi!! few questions from an aspiriing cosplayer here !!

*not sure which category this is suppose to be at*

After seeing videos center around cosplays like Dragon-Con 2021, I was inspired to join their ranks. Since I have no idea about how to make cosplays , I just have a few questions to give me an idea on how to start out.

Question numero uno - What experience did you have before you first started cosplaying like did you took classes that involve costume making or did you research home-made ideas?

Question too..i mean two!! I can spell!! - What material would you use to make something that covers the whole body like "armor" out from Halo, MMORPG , Warhammer 40k , Mass-effect. Also for something less clunky like Zer0 from Borderlands 2

A follow up to that can you make create a couple sentence explaining the process of making them :X
I will be sure to reply with more questions...thanks you for answering!! :3
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1)for me, i worked in theater for a year or two before i got into cosplay. At first i only knew some makeup stuff but slowly i have expanded by watching various videos and reading tutorials.
2)for armor and as a beginner you want to work with craft foam/eva foam. There are a ton of tutorials out there, esp under the tutorial thread but im going to link one that I like. http://entropyhouse.com/penwiper/cos...helmsdeep.html this is just a basic start. for those specific costumes, Id post in the prop thread for some help!
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I've been sewing since a young girl, and have also studied fashion design at college when I finished highschool.
But that being said I know of plenty of cosplayers and costumers who have started with no skills, and learnt as they've gone along. There are always people you can commission to do pieces that you don't have the skills for (or the time to learn those skills).

As far as how to make armour, all I can do is suggest that you go look at the subsection of the forums that covers that area. Also have a look on the RPF (Replica Prop Forum) as there is a hell of a lot over there, including tonnes of build threads and methods of armour making. On the RPF, have a search for the particular costume you have in mind, as from the list you provided I know there'll be a good number of threads from people who are making them.
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Greetings and welcome.

Now for your first question. I didn't really have any skills prior to costuming. So I've learned a lot on the way starting from online tutorials and people's build threads like the RPF and 405th to eventually started making friends and then learning from them and then people learn from me. The cycle is complete.

Now your second question the armor. Depending what you're trying to make EVA and craft foam sheets is a great material to start with. Again depending what you're trying to make you can find templates for the armor pieces so you can make it yourself and then there's the madness that I use and learned when I first learned how to make armor. It's called pepakura. Since I'm a little tired and not the best at explaining things even on a good day I will leave you this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1WK26NHx0o That basically it in a nut shell. But keep in mind you can also use that same method but instead of using paper use them as templates for your EVA/ foam sheets and skip the fiberglassing and bondo portion entirely. Well that's just one way I learned how to make armor. Also yes RPF is a good place to look for build threads on armor. Good luck on your future costuming endeavors.
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I had moderate sewing skills when I first started. My grandma taught me to use a sewing machine, and helped me make a couple of very simple things for halloween when I was little and she used to babysit my sister and me. My grandma was very into crafts, sewing, quilting, knitting, etc. so it was something to pass the time with children I guess.
I also had a friend in university who knew a thing or two about making her own halloween costumes, but neither of us had much experience or skill. We could just do the bare minimum to pull together altered thrift store finds to make other things.

As I started getting more into cosplay and costuming, I decided to take some fashion design classes at a local community college that offered a continuing education program with classes on evenings and weekends so that I could schedule around work. It was definitely worth it. I now know a lot more about pattern drafting, apparel construction techniques, and design illustration.
If you don't have the option of taking classes, I'd suggest picking up this sewing technique book: Complete Guide to Sewing
It has photos and step-by-step instructions on various sewing techniques.

As for the armor question, as mentioned before, there's a whole forum section here on cosplay armor and props. And you can also pop on over to TheRPF.com for even more detailed answers, tips, and advice on armor construction. Look up STEALTH on youtube for video tutorials (he used Iron Man as an example, just so you know which series of vids to watch). The RPF also has a library of sorts of patterns for video game armor you mentioned. A lot of people have already done Halo and Mass Effect suits that you could get way more information about on those forums than you'd expect here.
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