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Unread 08-20-2012, 02:57 PM   #31
demon slayer 5
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I'm 37 and married,my husband doesn't cosplay,but he humors me!Anyway we went to a small local con,everyone there was like a decade+ younger than us.I don't know if it's because I'm short or what,but a young guy told me he liked my cosplay and then turned to my husband and asked if he was my father!It was so awkward,it sucks to be the "old people"in the room.
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Unread 11-29-2012, 03:58 PM   #32
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funniest con moments had to be my friend and I doing Weiss Kreuz yaoi poses at Anime North for some photographers while onlookers stared wide eyed. Both of us and the photographer were trying so hard not to laugh.
Another good one was being glomped right onto the ground when I cosplayed Zero from Code Geass. I had to laugh because he asked if he could glomp me, and I said yes. I wasn't expecting a full on dive though, and I couldn't really see him coming because my breath was fogging up the mask, so I was waiting for a jostling hug like I would normally get and then WHAM! It was too funny. My friend (Dressed as Suzaku) couldn't stop laughing.

I also had a good one last year at Comicon. When I was dressed as General Cross I was posing on the ground for a drunken passed out picture and another friend (who I didn't even know was there at the convention and ironically dressed as Allen Walker) sat on my stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I probably would've shouted with surprise had I not been coughing and laughing so hard.

But honestly I have to say the madness that is Yaoi North was the best thing ever, the playful banter and jokes were too hilarious for words.

Having little kid cosplayers run up to me or my friends for pics (regardless of whether or not they have a clue who we're cosplaying) is too cute for words.
And just meeting new cosplayers at the conventions is an amazing experience in itself.
I have to try not to geek out with excitement every time someone asks for a picture of or with me.
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Unread 11-29-2012, 04:13 PM   #33
Quinn the Shiki
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I wore Kohaku from Grand Guignol Orchestra for Anime USA at the beginning of this month. I wasn't expecting to get Recognized since the Manga is pretty obscure, but there was one girl in the dealer room who knew who I was. She told me that Kohaku is her favorite character and that I'd made her day since she wasn't expecting to ever see a Grand Guignol Orchestra cosplay in person. It was really nice
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Unread 11-29-2012, 07:01 PM   #34
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My favourite experience that I can think of on the spot was with a friend of mine cosplaying Harry Potter, she was Draco. We went to the supermarket and there were some kids getting really excited, pointing and yelling.

Just making kids happy with my weird hobby, I think that just struck me as infinitely awesome.
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Unread 11-29-2012, 08:49 PM   #35
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Back in 2010 at Anime North, my boyfriend and I were returning to our hotel for the night, and on the table between two elevators, happened upon a sandwich. it was half of one, and in a container, and accompanied by a note that read along the lines of "Please give this sandwich a good home in your tummy. It is delicious and will make love to your mouth."
Also, AN 2011 on Sunday night (we always book Sunday night too for our hotel), stepping on the underside of the suction-cupped hotel bath mat "for science". I think we were a little drunk...
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Unread 11-29-2012, 09:14 PM   #36
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Recently my friend and I went to this REALLY small con, it was it's first year with probably less than 1000 people there and we got REALLY bored and decided to do a scavenger hunt! So we split up after we made a list(3 anime characters[it's funny cause there were a large amount of Homestuckers, including me], a picture of someone taking a picture, Psy, etc) and we kept running into each other because the space was so small! It was just really fun(not to mention I completely smoked her!) That's a good way to pass the time.
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Unread 11-29-2012, 10:04 PM   #37
King of the Pirates!
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Went to a smaller con called Kollision Con this past weekend. The looks and laughs from people while doing the Gangnam Style elevator scene XD All those unsuspecting people when the doors open!!!!!
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Unread 11-29-2012, 10:13 PM   #38
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At Anime Fusion (a local, first-time con, the one I'm pretty sure Shirayuki-chan is talking about ), on Sunday I decided to go as Juvia Loxar from Fairy Tail. :3 It was super fun actually! More fun than when I debuted her as Anime Detour'12 (and where I lost her dang hat because I didn't sew it onto her wig, LOL). A lot of people were calling for Juvia left and right and I got plenty of hugs despite it was very small and that Sunday it was almost empty. LOL And this nice, young boy gave me a gift. It was so sweet of him (he hugged me not that long before). He called for me from down the hall and I didn't hear because I was too into my conversation with my sisters and friends. LOL But when my sister helped me realize Juvia was being called for, he asked me, "Juvia, do you like Cinderella?" Haha. It was a Cinderella themed study kit. It was awesome! <3 I also believe I got so much attention because there was a Fairy Tail group Saturday, but they didn't have a Juvia. Hahaha. But still. It still made my day seeing so many people psyched to see Juvia. Still the same day, but different event with Juvia. This guy who is a friend of my newly made friends was a big fan of Juvia. Every time he saw me he would wave to me. He almost asked for for a photo with him, BUT suddenly a friend interrupted us to do a Gangnam Style clip for her video. LOL He ended up complying, but he seemed pretty satisfied as he was Naraku from Inuyasha and got to be a pimp with me as Juvia and my friend as Aoki Lapis of Vocaloid 3. :3 I love, love small cons. <3

Anime Detour 2012 was fun too though. I went as Chie from Persona 4 on Friday and fans of the games were super excited to see me. LOL I even got chased down the hall by two lovely folks who wanted my picture. It was super awesome. Haha!
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Unread 11-30-2012, 12:31 AM   #39
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Ha ha ha got another funny one from the last con I was at. It was the first year we tried cosplay chess or I should say "Multiverse Chess" as it was originally dubbed and I was a simple pawn. Beltway as a crazy shotgun wielding pawn ha ha ha...Well anyways it was a huge success. We all had a good time and it went really really smooth. But the funniest part was we had Tohru from Fruits Basket and she was kicking so much butt! I mean geez she's just a normal high school girl but she's taking down demi gods and fighters left and right! It was funniest thing ever. If I wasn't so tired and hot in my costume I would of been laughing my butt off on the chess board.
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Unread 12-03-2012, 07:22 PM   #40
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^ lol That's totally awesome! <3

I'll share one where I met an awesome friend who I now do at least cosplay one series together. LOL In the last summer con I went to, I was going to end up going alone to it. But she saw in a post in another con thread that I was going by myself and be a loner, lol not really. So she said she let me hang with her. I should have at least thought about creeper or something like that, but I didn't. LOL It didn't matter as she and I got along great! <3 We both are pretty into cosplay and into some similar anime. And now so far I spent at least two cons with her and having so much fun together. HAhaha. One time this Natsu of Fairy Tail gave me a bear hug and lifted me off the ground (like only a foot up). She really wanted to get a picture of it and asked him to lift me up again. 8D LMAO Apparently he thought 'lift up' meant to 'carry me bridal style', so he did it and she caught a picture of me glaring at her. 8D LMAO She thought it was so freaking funny and was sooo amused. ;p; And her other two friends that I also get along very well with saw this all at the sidelines and were talking about how his muscles flexed when he lifted me up from the ground. LOL We were being really girly that whole weekend more or less. <3 Which was nice for a change.
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Unread 12-03-2012, 08:19 PM   #41
Ai no Miko
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Oh this would definitely have to be at my second convention back in 2003(Anime Evolution in Vancouver, Canada). It was back in my Gundam Wing fan days and I remember a whole bunch of the dub actors for Gundam Wing were at the con that year. Well it was during the autograph session and fans were busy getting their autographs and photos with various guests. Finally my turn came along, and I was face to face with Scott McNeill. I was-hell AM a huge fan of that man and his work so I was nervous and embarrassed and got my autograph rather quickly (also got him to quote me something mega awesome from a fanfic which he added to the signature XD)... What really got me was when I went to take a picture with him though. I was dressed as a sloppy, half-assed version of Trowa from the series, just in his jeans and turtleneck, and I went around the table to lean over and take a quick shot because the line was really building up behind me... what happened instead? I FELL ON HIM! and I did so right as my friend snapped the photo. I was pretty well mortified, blushing and sputtering like crazy, and I tried to back away quickly apologizing as much as I could. He insisted we take another photo and I told him it was okay and it would just be a really funny memory. As I turned to walk away though he grabs me by my belt loop with a stern, "Trowa, get your ass back here," and sits me on his lap before demanding that my friend point and shoot the camera again. So I have an image of me grinning like an idiot with a bright red face, sitting on Scott McNeil's lap like he's Santa Clause >///<
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Unread 12-04-2012, 12:29 PM   #42
Performapal Leon
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XD OMG I have one!
Kso this year at Anime North, my friend Steph cosplayed Scotland (Hetalia). So we're talking on the phone about where I was and I told her (because she was coming to get me) and so she finds me; comes to get me and brings me to meet her other friends. One of them (who was super nice) cosplayed as Pirate!Spain, and comes to say hi and my friend Steph goes on about how short I am and the one who cosplayed as Spain just dropped to the floor as if dead XD. It was actually quite funny because she was all "omg theres somebody whos even shorter than me!" and me and Steph were dying of laughter XD. I took a pic of it to remember it by x3.
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Unread 12-04-2012, 02:16 PM   #43
made you look.
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Seriously, I am LOVING all the happy memories and experiences that people are attributing to Anime North and FanExpo. Canadian pride!!

- Anime North 2010: The Resident Evil 5 cosplay group I was in with my friends. I was really happy about the fact that we had all the major characters. I was scared that people would say a lot of nasty remarks about how revealing my costume was, but I got none! The first thing that happened when my boyfriend and I left the hotel was a bunch of gay guys mobbed us for pictures and said we looked pretty. Once the whole group assembled, we were pretty much glued to the spot for a good 5 minutes because of all the foot traffic stopping to take our photos. We probably would have been stuck there longer but we were already late for our photoshoot and didn't want to block traffic. And not gonna lie, the fact that the Space Channel wanted to interview us but we turned them down felt pretty empowering.

- Fan Expo 2011: I got to be Sailor Pluto for a friend's cosplay group consisting of all the Sailor Senshi in their Eternal uniforms. We were doing photos down by the park by the Steamwhistle Brewery. There's a big toy train that circuits the park that's basically there to entertain kids and tourists- which the Conductor let us all ride for free because he thought we looked nice. I kept hearing people talking about the "Senshi Express" the rest of the weekend too, so I definitely had bragging rights.

- Youmacon 2011: I was settling into my hotel room with my roomies on Friday night to get some sleep. I was using the sound of chatter from people walking down the hallway outside the room as ambient noise so I could relax and sleep easier, when at about 2 in the morning, a guy walked past our room and very loudly and clearly declared, out of nowhere, "I've got Captain Crunch laced with LSD!" It pretty much got half the room laughing our asses off.

- Most recently, hanging out with my friends and some of the voice actors from Mass Effect at GenreCon 2012: I was very skittish and high-strung all day because I didn't have my meds with me, but Mark Meer (the voice of DudeShep!) was really kind and fun to talk to.
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Unread 12-04-2012, 03:17 PM   #44
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This year at MCM London in our hotel room, I was dressed as Police England from Hetalia. As the lift opened, I stepped inside, and a lady who was there for another reason, looked to me and told me she loved my police outfit and if she had known I would be there she would have given me her top, because she was a police officer.

I was so amazed that she wasn't bothered by me wearing the police outfit but in fact wanted to help me with it! It really made me smile.

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Unread 12-04-2012, 07:29 PM   #45
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I remember at several different cons that I was able to identify a Athena from KOF, a Gumi cosplayer and a Xianghua from Soul Calibur cosplayer. They were so excited by my asking for a picture of them while saying the name of the characters they cosplayed aloud.

They had such pretty smiles.

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