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Unread 11-24-2012, 02:58 AM   #31
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I agree on the facial thing. It is good for cleansing your skin throughly. keep in mind that some individuals break out shortly after a facial; say a day after. this is good though, because this means the impurities and bacteria that are stored deep down in the skin are making their way out. after that clears up, keep moisturizing, but don't over do it. make sure that you do not dry out your skin either. this makes your oil glands overproduce and make your skin break out and oily all over again. the key is keeping your skin evenly conditioned. dont exfoliate more than every two days, preferably once a week.
another thing to keep in mind is that in case you might have acne scars like I have in the past, use the product Mederma to put on those scars and it helps them not be so apparent. it comes in a small tube. works wonders. good luck!
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You can try Murad It works for me if you keep up with it. You can get it at Sephora. It's like ProActive but better. ProActive never worked for me either.
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i have green black heads lol i know it sounds weird but there not black but there like blackheads and almost every pore has them not to mention my pores are huge. i have them on my face neck chest back and shoulders and sometimes on my arms. Ive had this ever since i was in the fourth grade when i got my first zit. i dont breakout as much as i used to because well my pores are more preoccupied with this "alien" blackhead situation i have. anyone have any suggestions. i use Noxzema daily facial scrub i know ur not supposed to exfoliate everyday but if i dont my skin feels all icky. noxzema daily wash along with clean and clear moisturizer. its a pain in the but really and when i do wear makeup it looks like cake because of my pores. anyone have any suggestions. i really cant afford to see a dermatologist.
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try boiling some salt water and once it boils turn it off and hold your face over the steam. This can dry out your skin so make sure you have a moisturizer and some toner. As for your body you can take warm salt water baths.

And I second Mederma for acne scars. It takes a couple of months but you will get results. I would also recommend the personal microderm system if you have the money.

Also try to change your towel and bedsheets(pillowcases included) every three days. and if your hair gets oily fast try to sleep with it up so it won't be on your face. These are all things that i've done and my acne has improved I barely break out now.
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Food does play a part in acne for some people. I was one of these people. For years it was a problem when I ate very sugary foods like cakes, chocolate etc. I noticed because it always seemed to happen around the holidays and birthday, which is Dec. 24th. So that being said throughout the year I usually do not indulge too much in cakes, sweets etc unless out to eat. I generally do not keep those kinds of foods in my house but when the family gets together, well its there and it gets eaten lol. Just another factor to consider.
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Make sure to drink PLENTY of water, and talk to your doctor- you don't even have to go directly to a dermatologist, but i'm guessing they'd be able to pinpoint the exact cause. I broke out a TON in High school and when I got started on Birth Control (to regulate my hormones) it cleared up a bit and then I got a gel type medication called benzaclin that kills the bacteria that cause breakouts. So far, it's worked wonderfully.
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Try to use Calamine Lotion, it works like a charm
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Originally Posted by HareyuNanami View Post
I dont know if this belongs in the Fitness area but lately I have had this really bad acne problem!

I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them.

I haven't had this bad of a break out since I was 17 and now they are back and make things look worse!

I am on bc to control the acne and I used to use proactive (was using it for 3 years) but it never did anything for me then I started to use Clinique (for 2 years)

And now nothing is working for me!
I get these SUPER Bad break outs (they are usually the size of my thumb!) They hurt and I hate it T_T
I have about 24 active zits on my face and its painful!

Here are some pictures of my zits T_T


How can I get rid of them? No matter what I do they just wont go away! I have tried toothpaste and everything T_T

How can I get rid of them?!

I have also started to break out all over my body as well and that has NEVER happened to me before! D=

I wash my face in the morning and at night and sometimes in the afternoon, I have literally tried everything but it just keeps getting worse! T_T
I had the same problem. It's extremely frustrating I know~ I used a cream called Epiduo, and my acne was completely gone within 2 months. I will warn you, when you first start using it, your skin will peel a little, and it stings. But after a week or so you get used to it, and the peeling goes away. I saw results within three weeks. You have to get a prescription for it, and it's a bit pricey. But I promise it's worth it! Hope this helped you, and good luck clearing your skin!
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Have you talked to a dermatologist? I was on bc for other medical issues and it helped my acne somewhat at first but then it came back, and finally I mentioned it to my doctor and he gave me a referral to a dermatologist. She put me on a prescription gel (Ziana) and an a pill (doxycycline) and it helped SO much, my skin is better now than I can ever remember it being since I hit puberty. The only downside is it makes you sunburn more easily, and I already burned easily so I have to be even more careful using sunscreen and staying out of the sun than before, but it is worth it.
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To be honest, I'm not reading through all the posts, but I can tell you what I've gone through.
I've had acne since I was about 10. I've done Clinique, Proactiv, and every generic acne medicine and nothing would help. My freshman year of high school I went on oxycycline, Moxycycline and finally Accutane. Nthing worked until the Accutane, but it's a dangerous drug to be honest. It can cause problems. You have to take blood and urine tests every month to make sure it's not causing any bodily or mental heath problems. Fortunately, nothing happened to me and it cleared my acne right up I had never been happier. It lasted about a year and almost a half before my acne came back
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It depends on how sensitive your skin is.

A lot of times, attacking it with a bunch of different chemicals can actually hurt and agitate the skin more than it can help.

First recommendation is to stop wearing makeup if you do. Like, for at least a week or until things clear up.

A second thing that often causes a lot of breakouts, is if you have bangs and especially if you dye your hair. When you sweat, chemicals from your hair dye get rubbed into your skin by your bangs or wherever hair is touching you. This leads to breakouts as a reaction to harsh chemicals on your face.

My recommendation is to wear a soft headband or clip when you sleep and keep the hair off of your face. Also, make sure to wash your face with a *gentle* cleanser before you go to bed so that the chemicals/dirt/oil already on your face don't get deeper into your pores while you sleep.

Third, often not changing your pillowcase can escalate acne. Unless you have a silk pillowcase, cotton or jersey ones just hold and trap dirt and oil from your skin and hair until you wash them, and that gets rubbed into your face while you sleep.

I recommend replacing/washing your pillow case every time you run a load of laundry (if you do your own) or at least once a week. Even if you have silk pillowcases, wash them once a week.

Use exfoliators a maximum of two days. give your skin a chance to heal from being opened and exposed. Always use a gentle liquid cleanser to wash off the excess exfoliants from your face and MAKE SURE TO MOISTURIZE.
Even though it seems like moisturizing would give you worse acne because acne relies of moisture, don't skip it! It's extremely important to moisturize or else your skin dries out and creates more oil to compensate, making things worse. Make sure your products aren't oil based though!

Lastly, invest in a simple moisturizing mask with preferably antiseptic qualities. This really depends on your skin type and fragrance preference.

Products I recommend:
Ole Henrickson African Red Tea cleanser
-very gentle
-doesn't dry you out
-smells nice but not heavy
-expensive, but lasts a long time

Yes to Tomatoes mud mask and exfoliating cleanser
-Uses lycopenes from tomatoes to clear acne

Best of luck, acne is a struggle but it's one we should fight with gentility.
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I have the same issue as well, along with breaking out on my back/shoulders/chest. I love my dad but I unfortunately inherited his skin type. He's over 50 and still breaks out, he ended up having to take a pill to help with his acne issue.

Like others have said, if you can, see a dermatologist. Something that works for one person might not work for another. I'll tell you want I do however, maybe it'll help some.

1.) DO NOT PICK AT THEM. It just makes things worse. Also avoid touching problematic areas as much as possible, and if you have to, use clean hands.

2.) The method for washing I have found works best for me is washing twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed (face and body) with a acne cleanser w/ benzol peroxide (right now I've been using a proactive face wash that's actually been working well for me but I know you said it didn't work). I am also fond of clean and clear w/ 10% benzol peroxide.

3.) ZAP ZIT IS MY HERO it's a spot treatment that has 10% benzol peroxide as well. I actually use it all over my face and spot/area treat on my shoulders/back/chest as well.

4.) Now using all that stuff is gonna dry out your skin like none other, so you wanna make sure you moisturize! I have been using L'oreal Daily Moisturizer for all skin types and it works great. I use it after everything else. If you don't moisturize, your skin is not only gonna dry out and flake and stuff, but your skin will therefore produce MORE oil, which will make you break out even more. For my shoulders/back/chest I use a fragrance-free sensitive skin body lotion. I NEVER put any lotions or anything that has fragrance where I break out.

5.) What you eat effects your skin as well. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER avoid lots of sugar/dairy if at all possible (though I am bad with this part XD)

Hope this helps some D8
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Oh and exfoliating is good, but keep it to 3 times a week at most. Exfoliating too much is bad for your skin too. I've used St Ives apricot scrub and it works well, but lately I haven't been using one cause the Proactive face cleanser I have has a light exfoliator in it, so I don't do anything extra.
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I've had some really bad acne myself! What I do is take very hot steamy showers then I put some rubbing alchohol onto a cottonball and rub it all over wherever the acne is. It stings like a bitch at first, but it's worked like a charm. I have super oily skin too, so I was surprised it worked. My face did dry out a lot but that's actually what helped. If it got too dryed out, I DON'T use lotion. Instead I use sunblock. Weird, I know, trust me, but it works!
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i use an herbal glycerine soap and one of those loofah washcloths. that works pretty well but if i get stressed or something i also have a psoriasis lotion that has salicylic acid in it, but i only use that if i'm getting a widespread breakout. i have more of a problem on my back where i can't reach than on my face, so i know it's working

i'm old enough that i shouldn't be having these problems, but i have a hormonal imbalance. getting that taken care of as soon as i get the rest of my school money
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