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Eyebrow covering prosthetic makeup

Hey all, I'm not sure if there's a similar topic (I didn't see any), but I wanted some suggestions.

I'm making plans to cosplay as the Subway Bosses from Pokemon B&W with a friend of mine, and well... some of the fandom speculates that they don't have eyebrows. I personally like the look, it's very different and unusual and I think having my eyebrows covered would really help with the transformation.

Problem is, my eyebrows are gloriously large and bushy and I know next to nothing about prosthetic makeup. I know that prosthetic eyebrow covers exist, such as latex or foam ones, as well as certain waxes that are used for covering eyebrows... but I don't know which would be best for the cosplay, the easiest, and the least painful. I'd rather be able to still have my eyebrows after taking off the makeup.

I'm also not sure how to make the prosthetics/wax/whatever the same color as the rest of my skin. I really want to make this convincing and beautiful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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There is makeup out there for covering brows, but you can also do the glue stick method. Here's a tutorial demonstrating how it's done. He has also included a second method using spirit gum and brow wax.

And here's a method with Pros-aide.

Good luck!
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Last Halloween, I did Jareth the Goblin king, and a friend who is a professional MUA covered my eyebrows using the glue stick method. Glue stick and a little spatula, smear some on and let it dry, smear on some more and let it dry, repeat until they're gone. Then you have to do makeup/foundation to cover and conceal them.

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I'm going to give that gluestick method a shot. My eyebrows are really thick and dark, but hopefully it will work! Thanks a bunch.
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Okay, so petrilude's tutorial was already link so I'll just second that. I also believe he combines the methods sometimes based on what I've picked up from some of his other videos.

I've used both methods separately myself and both work well. I think I had some stray hairs when I did the Spirit Gum method. Next time I'm probably going to mix the methods how I think might work well together. I'll put the spirit gum on to get everything mostly flat and then put the glue on top of that and see how it works. So you could always try that as well. Or mix and match however you think it might work well.
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I don't know if she's got a tutorial, but Yaya Han recently did a Jessica Rabbit cosplay where she covered her eyebrows and penciled in new ones. You can alway message her and ask...http://www.yayahan.com/
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The super-smooth drag queen method is to use spirit gum and a small spatula to smooth them down (repeat if necessary), powder, then apply eyebrow wax to make the surface totally smooth. Then seal with Flexible Sealer and apply makeup (you'll need a makeup that's more pigmented and has more coverage than normal drugstore makeup).
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