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Unread 12-05-2012, 10:32 PM   #61
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My first time at fanime, I ate only once two of the days. Mostly from lack of hunger but I did remember to drink lots of water! When I did eat, it was the sandwiches there which are really big and really tasty. They actually lasted for two meals almost. I honestly dont think I ever felt as good as I did then. Which is kinda strange...
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Unread 12-06-2012, 09:09 AM   #62
the Digger
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Hahah....Oh I got too many of these. I'll share two of them though. :P

My most recent one would be at AWA. It was the second day of the con, and I had recently started a new eating plan. I had brought my backups(Protein shakes and bars) with me just in case. Short story is I just got caught up in all the crazyness and just ended up forgetting to eat. What the worst part was is that we ended up going to the convention center's bar after everything had ended and I had ONE...I repeat ONE Long Island Iced Tea while at the bar. I got so smashed because I didn't eat anything all day except for in the morning. Oh man it was baddddd.

In the past when I didn't care what I ate, me and my friend went to Metrocon totally broke. Like literally I had no money and he had maybe $50. The WHOLE weekend, we ate 1 cup of ramen and a bowl of clam chowder at the expensive ass hotel resturaunt. Now mind you, that was some GOOD flipping soup, but why we didn't just go to the dollar menu at MickeyD's is beyond me. That was terrible though, we ended up eating so much when we got back though. xD
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Unread 12-06-2012, 09:20 AM   #63
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I don't even think food is usually a problem for me.
It's mostly staying HYDRATED.
As far as food goes our room is always really good. We all bring all kinds of food and put it on the 'food table' which is like the communal all you can eat whatever. So really every time we stop back to the room we all usually end up eating and such.
A more recent thing we've incoorporated is A GIANT PACK OF WATER BOTTLES.
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Unread 12-06-2012, 12:45 PM   #64
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well when i went to london expo me and my group stopped for lunch only because the family made us!! and that wasnt a very healthy meal so this time ive said we are taking a packed lunch and some bottles of water as i was boiling!! (dosent help that i was link from loz) but anyway this time round my being lightning farron so carrying around a bottle of water and some snacks will be easy!! ^^
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Unread 12-06-2012, 03:10 PM   #65
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My horror stories is when everyone is wanting to go somewhere that sells absolutely no healthy food whatsoever, like McDonalds. I actually have not even in one for about 12 years lol. My worst story was when we went to some small place in Dallas, real mom and pop kind of place but had decent burgers. Anyways me and another guy ended up getting sick, puking that night. We both got food poisoning, it was a Saturday night and we were leaving Sunday anyways early so we didn't miss much.
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Unread 12-11-2012, 07:12 PM   #66
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Gawd. I just realized how horrible my con diet is. I never forgot to eat but I never ate anything substantial either (except maybe for dinner, which I ate out with friends). Like, it's basically: water, Pocky sticks, taiyaki, juice and a really tiny lunch due to the price of the food in the building (that and I wanted to save money to buy stuff)...

I also ate at strange times because I wanted to go to panels during lunch and was busy with all the excitement too. So I would find something to eat at like... 4-5pm ish. Breakfast was usually a granola bar since I feel queasy eating too much in the morning... (<A<") Hm, definitely something to keep in mind next cons.
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Unread 12-17-2012, 04:09 PM   #67
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I remember when I went to Naka Kon in 2011, there was a room available for a few hours on Saturday(?) I think, and it was stocked with waterbottles, ramen, cake, and a few other small food items. It was such a life saver for me, because it was my first con and I hadn't been prepared at all! I wasted SO MUCH money buying expensive food court meals.

I wish I knew if the con itself hosted this room or not; does anything like this occur at any other con? A sort of relief/food room?
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Unread 12-27-2012, 12:26 PM   #68
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The first time I stayed at a hotel for a con AX 2009, we went "grocery shopping" because our room came with a fridge. We saw a deal 10 lunchables for $10, and decided this would be the most affordable way to eat during con. For 4 days I mostly ate these (with a couple snacks thrown in) plus all the running I did, by the last day I really shouldn't have drove home as it wasn't safe. I got home and my mom takes one look at me and my eyes are yellow, I can barely function. I picked up some fast food on the way home as I was starving, but could only stomach about 1/3 of the meal. I went to my room and crashed around 7pm woke up around 10am the next day. Had a bowl of cereal in the morning and eased my self back into food. About halfway through the day I started feeling better and the yellow in my eyes had gone down.

Needles to say I never did that diet again, and take a lot better care of myself at cons.
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Unread 12-27-2012, 04:15 PM   #69
That guy
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I discovered after my first convention that oranges are the best food you can have during a convention. They're great for breakfast, especially since I get queasy when I eat grain in the morning, and apparently Vitamin C protects against sickness. They also don't need refrigeration, so it's perfect. I have an orange every morning of a convention.

The other two meals are iffy. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't. Friday morning I make some rice balls to eat that afternoon, but the rest of the days are complete hit or miss. It's hard to remember to eat when you have all these awesome things to do and see.

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Unread 12-27-2012, 04:39 PM   #70
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I have hypoglycemia, so I rarely forget to eat, but I do push it pretty hard at cons. I get all shaky and headachy. Plus my boyfriend gets really grouchy if he doesn't eat for a while, so I always pack snacks and have some money saved for eating out.
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Unread 12-27-2012, 05:45 PM   #71
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My first con, I only ate a flimsy Taco Bell taco a day and whatever I could munch on from the Dealer's room-Granted I only went two days though.
My second con I came prepared, I brought two cups of ramen and two cans of Chef Boyardee to last me for three days-In which I had to eat the Chefs cold due to lack of microwave.
My experience has been that there just isn't the time to stop and eat, and sometimes eating adequate meals in cosplay is hard work. There are the worries about getting food on your cosplay(taking off the cosplay may take more time than the cosplayer wishes to take), or messing up any makeup you may have to wear, and some go above that into the whole 'would this character eat that?'.
Some cosplayers also may not eat much in their daily lives, making not eating during a con relatively normal.
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Unread 01-02-2013, 01:09 AM   #72
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One day at a con, I had breakfast at home, but I ran out of cash so all I had to eat for the rest of the day were 2 fruit snacks and 2 animal crackers some girls were sharing.

Kawa Kon had a Hooters, (I don't go there so I don't know their prices but I assume they're cheap) St. Louis Bread Co., (aka Panera) and McDonald's nearby. But one year it was at a different location and my mom told me that McDonald's was just a couple blocks away. Turns out, it was actually Subway. I wanted to pinch every last penny I could, so I asked the hotel clerk if there was a McDonald's around. She said it was just about 1/4th of a mile down this one street. It was 2 miles away, I was wearing heeled flip flops, and I had to cross I-64. Thank God there was a bridge with a sidewalk, otherwise I'd be roadkill. This year it's at the America Center in downtown St. Louis, so there should be something cheap nearby.

Anime St. Louis and Natsucon have Arby's, Panderosa, White Castle, and across the highway there's a Wendy's and a Walmart for TV dinners.

These days I pack emergency food. Crackers, soda, and fruit cups are my arsenal.
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Unread 01-02-2013, 02:26 AM   #73
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Alright, so for my first convention (AFO 2011) I thought "Cool, Yo! I get to finally go to a con! *brings only snack I can buy for friends, large bag of KitKats* I'm full already from work, so no need to eat when I get to the con ^^! It's going to be so much fun!" That was Thursday, so I was set for that. Day 1- '*insert having so much fun, but nervous of asking people for a picture and being alone so only follow GF, but feel so out of place with her and another friend interested in nothing but Home-stuck* Hey, I'm going to go with the others.... *ditches gf to go with other friends, who make me feel like a third-wheel, BUT we get icecream and I spent all the money I brought on that, and a 60 dollar wig for a friend's late birthday present*; *Ignore GF when we meet up again, so awkward walk back to hotel room, so much that it's like that in the room so friend makes us talk and we make up and she apologizes for making me feel out of place. Rest of the day is really fun, BUT I don't eat period besides a few KitKats.
Day 2- Better than the first day, and in cosplay for it when my Gf's mom asks me if I've had anything to eat, and I say I'm not hungry. Sooo, they see what is happening and my GF forces me to eat a sandwich.
Day 3- We skip Breakfast/Lunch and head home where her mom is dropping people off at people's house's and I literally forget my KitKats with a friend, but I think after this my parents took me with them to eat at Mcdonalds.

Next Con- Metro-con 2012
We have food, but not enough but not like we're eating it all at once. But, my GF doesn't eat a single thing on day one, and is wearing this Corset which has restricted her breathing. She ALMOST passes out on our way to the hotel room since she said she felt sick. I help her, and what happens if we lay her down for a second before freaking out as she literally starts clawing at her arm saying something about seeing something or feeling stuff crawling on it. She feels better though after having a sandwich/Yogurt/and koolaid drink.
The rest of the con is real nice and had McDonald's AGAIN afterwards. Well, except my gf who got dropped off early and my parents didn't think much of food until the last second.

Last con I went to: Shado-con 2012
Day 1- Bagel, free popcorn they had around the con (the other stuff that was free like chips was drugged), Chocolate
Day 2- Tacos during Lunch time with friends and a Caramel Frappe I got from the Starbucks. Because all I literally wanted was a coffee. ;3;
Day 3- Checkers with my GF at a park.
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Unread 01-06-2013, 06:33 PM   #74
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Well at otakon last year I ate nothing so I would have more money for the dealers room. I lost 4 lbs and it was pretty bad and it was stupid of me and I was crazy hungry but u gotta do what chu gotta do. U kno?
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Unread 01-07-2013, 07:36 PM   #75
waht is this
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my friends and I usually bring 2 packs of lunchables per person for lunch and some granola bars to snack on. for dinner, we usually eat the convention food or actually go to a restaurant to eat.
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